A Diet, Mini Vacation and Strident Feminism

You know how life can be humming along splendidly… busily… ok, to be honest here, Frantically, and you suddenly realize you haven’t posted a blog entry in quite a while? Yup, me too.

When I first got into blogging many years ago I had been, for some time, a regular reader of many blogs. Something I found to be true for most every blog was the presence of intermittent periods of silence. You don’t notice it so much, especially if you’re reading ‘back issues’, until you get to that ubiquitous apology post. You know the one I mean. It’s usually titled something like “Long Time Since Posting” or “Re-Entering the Blogosphere.” I hate those things! Certainly, I’m guilty of these kinds of posts as well and when you read the Dummies’ or Idiots’ (or some other word from the self-deprecator’s list of common ways to minimize your own brain) Guide to Blogging you discover the worst, most cardinal of sins you can do when blogging is to not post on a regular basis. I’m wondering if this might be the source of all the bowing and scraping and “mea maxima culpa”s we blogauthors do. Perhaps it is also sprinkled with the tiniest bit of hope that somewhere… out there in the vast and endless chasm that is the INTERNET teeming with up to the minute news on Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians, wikis on everything you could dream of, porn, questionable news stories that sound like they are from The Onion but aren’t, youtube, literally countless things on which to spend your money via paypal, Amazon (mordor!), tons of things you wish you could unsee and unknow, and lost emails dancing around with all those socks missing in the wash over the years… somewhere out there in all of that soupy mess may be someone who missed our tiny digital life while we didn’t post for a few days. Or decades.

Well, I’m just not going to do it. Not this time. I’m not going to apologize to you, dear reader (if you are indeed out there) because I think most likely it doesn’t matter so much and it is a little bit like callers to the Diane Rhem Show on NPR where every single caller feels compelled to tell Diane how much they love her and religiously listen to her show and how many times they miss the stoplight turning green because they were so wrapped up in her discussion. I imagine she is thinking, as she graciously thanks the two millionth caller for their kind words, “Great, now can we get on with it.”

Yes, Diane, let’s get on with it.

Recently I spent four lovely days in Savanna, GA at a fantastic bed and breakfast. I love Savanah and walked all over its not-yet-too-hot streets. Photos to follow at some point. Also a fantastic spa day as well. No photos to follow of that.

I am on a diet, have lost 7 pounds and feel really good. No fast food in 26 days and I’m confident that alone has reduced my cholesterol by at least 2,000 points. I plan to write more on this and the connection between diet and body image.

Just finished reading (and listening on audio book while running up and down the highway non stop for work stuff) to How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran. I love her. Truly. And here’s why:caitlin_moran_5048

1. She makes lists. A lot of them. And I LOVE lists!

2. She’s British and sounds really cool. Not the posh accent that we Americans think automatically makes them smarter than us, like Hugh Grant or the Queen. No, it’s the cooler kind of sound like some rock & roll star and we think, “If I were British, I’d sound like that and I’d be COOL!”

3. She is a feminist. A strident feminist in fact and does a pretty good reflection on feminism.

4. She’s the kind of feminist I feel I could really talk to and possibly disagree with. Frankly, I’d be afraid to disagree with Germaine Greer or bell hooks or those like them because they are smarter than me in some sort of wholly undefinable way that makes me think I have to just take it all and say Thank You. But Caitlin….she’s still clearly smart but, perhaps because she’s from my own generation, I think I’m just fine disagreeing or agreeing with her. I don’t feel that I’d be disrespecting the great matriarchs of feminism if I said, “yeah Caitlin, I just don’t know about all that.” She’d probably take a drag off her cigarette and say, “Well then, crack on with it!”

5. She has messy hair. I have messy hair, too. Not quite in the same way of course, but maybe it’s not the end of the world to have messy hair.

6. There’s more but I’m tired of listing so I’m going to stop now. Because I can. And I have more to say on it all as well but I’m going to stop now for the same reason.

So, that’s the end of what I’ve been doing lately. Not entirely but it’s a fair summation of the highlights.

Oh and by the way, I really am kinda sorry I haven’t posted lately. I’ll work on it 😉


I blame the local weather

Why is everyone so angry all the time? I have come to the ‘big city’ to visit my mother and I am, all over again, struck by how angry everyone is. If they are not angry, they are at the very least anxiety filled and on edge. Grocery cart road rage at the Bi-Lo. Tense, frowning faces everywhere. Defensive body language. Genuine road rage in the car. Rude behavior everywhere. Pushy, grabby, you’re-not-getting-the-best-of-me attitudes.

I blame the local weather.

 Storm Track, Storm Center, Storm Central, Stormy Monday, Stormin Norman. (Ok, maybe not the last two) Whatever they are called, they are urgently pleading with us to be aware that it might RAIN today! They shout at us about how sunny it is and how we need rain, or how we might not get rain, or the impending apocalyptic doom of a thunderstorm. They dazzle and hypnotize us with their bright, colorful and flashing maps. They leap toward the camera like Pekinese puppies in fancy suits and dresses, emphasizing the dire need for us to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE WEATHER! They promise us that They are going to try to get nice, mild temperatures for us for the weekend. Oh What Power They Must Have! We are impressed and believe in them!

 Then there is the Five Day Forecast, the Seven Day Forecast, the Ten Day Forecast The Hour-By Hour Three Day Forecast. Tomorrow’s weather is not good enough for us because we must know that it is going to be HOT in SEVEN DAYS so that we can PLAN AHEAD!! Oh, and don’t forget the Micro Climate Forecast, which explains why they can tell us the oh so very needed rain shower our lawn desperately demands was not in our area but was all over the rest of the city. This way we can even feel left out, slighted and insulted by CLOUDS!

 After the weather forecast is over–be it in the news program itself or in the commercial/teaser for the upcoming news–we always feel a bit like the desperate girl a week before the prom with no prom date and no dress. Will I be left out? Will I find the dress I need? Should I buy it? What if it doesn’t work out? What if we don’t get the rain? WHAT IF THE WEEKEND IS RUINED BY A THUNDERSTORM!!!!??? WHAT. WILL. I. DO?

 And just as we begin to calm ourselves with the consolation that it might all be ok, here it comes again. It seems that in a five hour period of time the average local station delivers two million sound bites about the weather–all at TOP VOLUME AND MAXIMUM URGENCY!

 I’m sure that whatever ‘local weather’ is in every small town has the same kind of approach, but in a ‘big city’, there are multiple local tv stations shoving the weather down our throats at all times and competing for our attention by constantly upping the volume. The weather does matter and I will admit that I love the animated maps of weather.com and believe that good information in times of severe weather can and DOES save lives! But on a daily basis, this is just too much. It leads to feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and frustration as we gulp down yet another heaping bowl full. I wonder just how many incidences of violence in the checkout line or road rage might actually be linked to the helpless, panicky feeling generated by some Storm Center report declaring that it might not rain for the NEXT TEN DAYS!

 It’s the weather. We cannot change it.

stormy weather

New Little Computer and Taking the Long Way

Today I got a brand new mini computer. It’s one of those half-size laptops and it is really cute. I’m super happy with it so far. My hope is that I will be able to carry it with me to more places more easily and, by so doing, be able to write more frequently. That would be more frequently on this and my other blogs and for all the many other things I need to write for and about.

So, yesterday I went to a meeting in Brevard and ended up taking the ‘long way’. Of course, the long way is actually the short way by the miles but long way by the clock. Hour and a half. Which is, incidentally, the same length of time it takes to drive the ‘short way’ but it is about ten miles shorter in actual distance.  The great thing about this way was that it went through the National Forest. So very beautiful. And I saw, briefly, Looking Glass Falls. I’ve probably spent more time at that waterfall than any other, which is not surprising since it is one of the most accessible in the area. Somewhere, I have not only some pretty great pictures I took of it–and they are real print pictures, too, with real negatives and not digital images–I’ve also got copies of a picture of Mama at the falls when she was young. I thought I’d be able to locate at least one of the old pictures to put with this post, but I can’t come up with one. 😦  So, instead, I must direct the curious to this site:

NC Waterfalls: Looking Glass Falls

I really hope that this summer, I’ll have time to make a few trips out to photograph some of the nearby falls. Since it’s been raining a good deal for …well…since I arrived here last year, the falls should all look really nice.

Hoping to hit the farmer’s market on Saturday before the funeral I have to preach. Maybe something nice to take to mom. Vacation has been shifted–not postponed so much as just shifted out a bit. And just going to see mama now, but that’s probably for the best.

Countdown to vacation!

A lovely spring day and it is countdown to vacation time! It’s Mother’s Day as well. Or, is that suppose to be Mothers’ Day? I’m never sure. Since it is a day for more than one mother, I’m assuming it’s the latter.

I’ll soon be heading  to visit my Mom for a couple of days and then it’s off to see a friend from seminary in Richmond. We are, if all goes as planned, intending to worship at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC next Sunday.  It is such a beautiful place and, though I’ve been there before, I’ve never worshiped there.

Now, along with the countdown to vacation comes cleanup time. Need to get the house in some semblance of order both so that whoever comes in to feed the cats will not be overwhelmed with the disarray of things and so that when I come home it will be nice to come back to.

Unfortunately, I will, once again, miss the local Farmers’ Market this weekend (there we are again–is it Farmer’s or Farmers’ ? More than one farmer so….)  It is really not a large market, of course, but it is pretty neat to attend and since it is still early yet, there will be time to go when I get back.