Random Acts of Kindness

Take a look over at this blog:


Really interesting! I believe she’s come to the end of the 100 days, but it’s still worth looking at and getting inspiration.

I am still making my prayer boxes, post-its and other such things but have chosen not to blog about them for a while for a whole plethora of reasons, mostly related to not wanting people to hunt for them but for whoever comes along to happen upon them. I may, however, do a  little round up of some thing just to show them.

Today is Crafty Pastor and we’re working on prayer boxes. It’s sometimes hard to get the concept across and I’m hoping I’ll have a little better luck this year.


public writing


This post today, written over at Perverse Egalitarianism, expresses something with which I completely agree. Every bit of digital expression does not require a response to be valid. The author writes, “I don’t know why everything has to be reduced to some sort of utility” and this is what we so often do with so much in our lives. I might add a utility that is visible, recordable and trackable. Without a visible, recordable, trackable result, a thing or act seems to be marked as useless.

Additionally, on a social level, we all seem to need public validation or, at the minimum, acknowledgment, in order to be valid. If someone doesn’t “like” your facebook status or comment on it or re-tweet what you tweeted or repost what you posted or comment on it, then you’re pretty much wasting your time. Second best option, of course, is if someone wants to argue with you about something you say. That’s almost as good as positive validation.

Silly, actually.

I would be lying if I didn’t hope that, from time to time, there was someone somewhere who read one of my four blogs. Of course, I want to share my thoughts, ideas and images or I wouldn’t put them out into the public arena. At the same time, I don’t require a comment or a “like” or a repost in order to feel valid. It is very much like the little items I leave around for people to find–the prayer boxes, post-its and other things. Even if it is not appreciated or treasured as I might hope, the validity of the message of grace, peace, hope and love is no less valid.

The validity of one’s action, statement or being is not based solely upon whether or not someone agrees with you. In truth, very little may be based on that at all.

bird box

Since the first box or so I made with the swallow on the outside I’ve wanted to make another prayer box with something similar.  Finally gotten around to it. This one has a silver swallow on the lid. Archival paper and acrylic paints. Pretty grosgrain ribbon, too, for a handle. Inside is a silver cross with “turquoise” inserts. It’s neither real silver nor real stones but they are pretty none the less. The paper wrap around the outside is of a substantial weight, so I extended it beyond the bottom of this little oval shaped box to give it more height. On the bottom of the box is an archival sticker saying “believe”. Inside the words are Faith Hope Love Joy. Continuing with the overall Hope theme I’ve been working on.

This box and the Witness box have not yet been released. They still have to be tagged first and I’m not sure of a good place to put them as of yet either.lidswallow box



New Prayer Box

Haven’t had a lot of time to work on any prayer boxes or other things to leave randomly around town as of late because I’ve been diligently spending all of my “craft time” working on things for the craft sale portion of the church yard sale coming up at the end of the month. However, this one is ready to go out–nearly.   


witness box 

It’s made from a band-aid tin. Covered in archival scrapbook paper, silver acrylic paint and glued on crosses.   


 I removed the hinges from the lid of the binsideox and used cotton twine and wooden beads to hold the lid on. It’s actually pretty cool looking in person. Inside is heavy weight archival scrapbook paper accordion folded and cut to fit with inspirational words written on it. 

At the moment I’ve only got a single piece of scripture written on one of the folds but I’ll be adding to it tomorrow and plan to add not just scripture but also other inspirational words from inspirational people as well. There will also be a second sheet of the accordion folded paper left blank for whoever finds the box to add their own inspirational words. 



 It is a “Witness” box because it will have words that bear witness to hope and joy in the world. 


Altered Journal/Book

So, I don’t know if you’d call this an altered book or an altered journal. It’s altered and it’s book-shaped and it would have originally been used as a tiny journal or notepad. So–whatever.

 Anyhow,  I had a lot of fun with it. Recently, I’ve purchased some Gesso to reinforce paper pages for a few little projects and I used it on this. Forgot to take a “before” picture of the tiny little book, but it was a little notebook with very thin paper for the cover and pages–four to a pack from the dollar store. Now THATS some cheap art supplies! 😉


Gessoed the front cover to give it more body without making it as stiff as it would have been if it had been reinforced with scrapbook paper. Metallic paint pens on the outside and archival scrapbook paper throughout.

“If You could be anything what would it be?”   There’s also the little tag that says “you found art!” and this blog address. The last two prayer boxes I made were FOUND, which was awesome, and the people who found them posted here which was even more awesome.

“Alight for someone’s Journey?”  Used more images from the Icon catalog in this. The image in the bottom right hand corner is from a stained glass piece with a dove representing the Holy Spirit.

“A Keeper of Hope for those who feel Lost?”  More scrapbooking paper and stickers

“An Answer to someone’s Prayer?”  The tag on the left says “Help Me Please” and below it “I Will”  Again, more images from the Icon catalog and a handmade tag just like the one that goes on the outside.

“Be More than you thought you Could Be”  It’s hard to see in this but those are angel wings behind the text block. They are gorgeous little delicate foil things that I got some time ago and haven’t had a reason to use.

“The End?”

Do not know where this one will be released. Today I hope I will find the right place. I discovered that carrying things in my handbag, even though it is sizable, can be dangerous because I could damage things before they even get to the ‘release point’. I had to bring home the last box and re attach the feet. So, a ziplock bag will be helpful I think!

Working on another prayer box now. Using some new stuff I just got–blackboard chalk! Plus, I’m making chalk too. Love making my own stuff!


New Prayer Box–Found Art Piece

Freshly Minted Prayer Box.

I think it’s quite lovely

 Prayer Box

Balsam wood box painted with acrylic paint. Glass beads and wax cord on the sides. Wooden beads for feet.

Box side

The front is a deccoupaged icon image from a lovely icon catalog. It’s the archangel Raphael, protector of travelers and pilgrims. A companion and guardian as we travel along our life’s journey. I might need to purchase some icon cards from that catalog for future projects.


The inside says “hope is your guide”. I thought a long time about what I wanted the words on this box to be. I wanted them to be something about hope. I pondered over lots of different things and even considered using just the word Hope. I descided against the later because of the recent political use of that single word by Obama. It’s not that I disagree so much with him as I just think it is a shame that a word like Hope has become a politicized word. I realized that in the end, what I wanted to say was related to Hope on our journey. Hope is your guide.

hope is your guide

Hoping to set it free today!


UPDATE:: set free in Dillsboro Chocolate Factory. Second one in this place. You can see it here on the table with their public use computer 🙂

Oh, and of course, I bought some Ameretto Fudge while I was there!