Saturday comes round again

So, last weekend was my birthday and since then….well…there is no other way to put this….I’ve just been lazy when it comes to my blogs.

A week ago was the massive church yard sale and, while we did fairly well, I was pretty disapointed that the beautiful Fir Cones On The Mountain green lace shawl did not sell. No one even looked at it. The pink little girl’s sweater with matching handbag and hand made polymer buttons sold.

pink sweater

And a little pink and purple ladie’s shrug also sold


Unfortunately, though, the knitting stitchmarkers I spent hours beading did not sell and several of the other lovely handmade items of others did not sell either. Maybe next year. Or perhaps I could do an Etsy shop and pledge a percentage of funds to the church from that. Hmmmm….

Birthday celebrations were fun. My aunt and I went to the Biltmore House. It is such a lovely place! If you’ve never been, I recomend it.

biltmoreprettyflower carpet

(More of my Biltmore stuff here here here here )

Then on my birthday proper, the whole congregation went out to lunch (all 45 of us, including our college students from campus ministry) and I went to my mother’s to visit for a couple of days. While there, I also saw one of my oldest (not age but in length of friendship) friends and we celebrated her and my birthdays with brunch. No pictures from any of that 😦

Then it was back to work and we had the final Art + Craft + Spirituality: Crafty Pastor this week. We painted a watercolor icon which was a wonderful experience. Pictures of that soon.

And now we’re back around to Saturday again. Please forgive the low-dose of pink in this Saturday post. I will do better next time 🙂

Also, upcoming this week, first posts on the DIY Christmas!


Pink–and it's flowers again!

 Pink Saturday is upon us once more! Check out How Sweet The Sound for more info and more pink


Yes, it is flowers again! And this post is full of photos from the garden of a parishoner of mine. We canned pimentoes yesterday. Last year she taught me how to can and I produced six little jars of pimentoes. I was so proud! This year we ended up with a dozen! These pimentoes come from her all-organic garden and these pink flowers were a row or so over. The butterflies were also kind enough to pose as well.4312


It’s so exciting to be one of the featured blogs for Pink Saturday! Thank you so much to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for the feature and be sure to stop by there for all there is to know about Pink Saturday.

This blog is about all kinds of creative stuff and, most of all, it is about intentionally creating random acts of grace in the world through art and craft. Behind all the creative stuff I do (actually, behind all the creative stuff we all do) is the idea that there is a spirituality to making things. So, be it fine art or simple craft, we give away ourselves just a little when we make something. I have also discovered that just having a blog is giving away something creative every day to everyone who comes for a visit.

TypicallyPassion Flower, for Pink Saturday I post a pink flower of some kind like this amazing Passion Flower I took a picture of several years ago.  It looks like a sea creature of some kind to me. I love flowers and have been photographing them for years.

Here are some other things I’d like to share as well. Pictures of my craft room which has a pink/peach tint to it. The desk is my favorite part of the room. It came from the Grove Park Inn several years ago when they chose to refurbish most of their guest rooms. It’s a distinctly Arts & Crafts style piece. Of course, it’s covered in stuff!

Craft Room 1

This little chair was once brown and had a completely different seat in it. My grandmother refinished it and put this beautiful sunshine on it to match the kitchen in my first house–it was all decorated with suns, moons and stars and done in cobalt blue and yellow.


The house I live in now is a rental home. I love it because it has a monstrous kitchen, living room and master bedroom. This little cozy bedroom was just right for a craft room. It’s clear that it was once a little girl’s room from the adorable wallpaper.


mama snail baby snail

dancing bunnies

bunnies and butterflies



And, of course, what craft room is complete without a helpful kitty to tear stuff up while you’re not looking and then fake total innocence. Her name is Violet but I usually just call her Kitten. She’s sitting here amongst tubs of yarn. That’s got to be torture for a cat!


Hope you all have a lovely Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by!!

Pink Saturday

So this week, I’m trying desperately not to post any pink flowers. Not because they’re not beautiful, because they are, of course! but because that’s what I always do.


 little dutch girl

Here’s a cute little quilt square from my mom’s Little Dutch Girl quilt that I’m working on. They are adorable!

pink teapot light

And here’s a neat teapot lamp in front of a deep magenta/pink wall at a Tea House here in town.

Be sure to visit How Sweet The Sound to see more pink Saturday stuff!!!

PS: Just like all week long, I have been unable to post comments on any Blogger blog. I’ve been told that it is because there is some type of communication problem between wordpress and bloger. Today I’ve visited these people and You Should Too 🙂

Sweet nothings

Angelic Accents

Living beautifully

Fitty’s Pinky Rose Cottage

The Red Bulletin Board

And lots others, but these were just the ones I coudn’t comment on. I hope Blogger and WordPress can be friends again soon 🙂

Saturday of pinkness is here again

Once again, thanks to How Sweet The Sound we’re back around to pink Saturday!

Last week I had a give away for what is, I think, a lovely little hand made (by me) bracelet and the winner is:

LadyHightower!!!   🙂 I’ll be in touch with you today via email to get your address

Be sure to check out her blog and her pink Saturday stuff this week, too 🙂

I had several things lined up to post for this week’s image but this was far and away my favorite, so rather than do a whole lot of pink flowers, which is my typical subject, I’ve just got this one.


It’s from a memorial garden we’ve begun at the church. I thought these were so lovely and the range of colors from pale lavender to pink to fuchsia to almost coral were so lovely.

Happy Pink Day to you all!

Pink Saturday–Give Away!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Thank you to How Sweet The Sound for being the hostess and if you want to know more about Pink Saturday, that’s the place to go.

So, I have my very first give-away ever today. It’s a lovely bracelet that I made. It came out of things I’d made for the Art + Craft + Spirituality workshop and I thought these rectangular and square beads were really unique looking. They look like a green and pink landscape. There’s also lovely purplish glass beads as well. The bracelet fits 6″ to 7″ wrists quite well.


So, here’s how the give-away works. Comment on this post and you’re entered. Subscribe to my blog and you’re entered. Do both and you’re entered twice. Deadline for entry is Friday, July 23rd and I’ll do a random drawing that night and post the winner with next week’s pink saturday post.


Happy Pink Saturday to you all!