This Year’s Gifts

Last year I made all of my gifts for family and friends and this year I have made a good number of them. The rest I have purchased locally. Pretty proud of that, thank you very much!Today I baked cookies and small pound cakes for my favorite bookstore, cafe and a couple other retail places. I was also able to pick up the recently completed pieces of pottery! Only one more to go and it’s finished; just needs to be fired.

The teapot is covered in ladybugs. The lid says “ladybug  ladybug” and the handle says “fly away home”. The bottom is black to match the lid but I didn’t get a shot with that in it. When the lid is on, there are tiny little antenna from the little bug below that make the lid look like a giant bug. Pretty pleased with it!

The mug is for a friend whose nick name is painted on the mug. Actually, he’s not “no fun” at all, but the mug came out quite well. My favorite is the handle that says “Fun? No!” and the straight face smiley on one side.

Lastly is this scarf. Just finished the last bit this morning. It’s quite long and is doubled up in these photos. Two strands of yarn held together. Quite warm as well. I did it in a Farrow rib which, although the fiber lacks stitch definition, adds a bit of stretch width wise and also lays flat. I’ve got it packaged in a cool little 31 bags tote.

Final bowl to pick up this week before the end of the week and that’s the last of it! The last two photos here are of a bowl I finished some time ago that I have just not posted photos of as of yet. It was just for me.


Baby Blanket

Just finished this baby blanket for a baby shower a few days ago.  It’s made from a linen/cotton yarn–not super soft but still feels really good and has a nice hand (as they say in the fabric industry).

It comes from the book Knitting in the Sun and it’s actually for a bag/blanket with a drawstring so that the blanket can be pulled up into a tote bag. I skipped the eyelets for the drawstring and simplified the lace edging.  It came out pretty nice!

Saturday comes round again

So, last weekend was my birthday and since then….well…there is no other way to put this….I’ve just been lazy when it comes to my blogs.

A week ago was the massive church yard sale and, while we did fairly well, I was pretty disapointed that the beautiful Fir Cones On The Mountain green lace shawl did not sell. No one even looked at it. The pink little girl’s sweater with matching handbag and hand made polymer buttons sold.

pink sweater

And a little pink and purple ladie’s shrug also sold


Unfortunately, though, the knitting stitchmarkers I spent hours beading did not sell and several of the other lovely handmade items of others did not sell either. Maybe next year. Or perhaps I could do an Etsy shop and pledge a percentage of funds to the church from that. Hmmmm….

Birthday celebrations were fun. My aunt and I went to the Biltmore House. It is such a lovely place! If you’ve never been, I recomend it.

biltmoreprettyflower carpet

(More of my Biltmore stuff here here here here )

Then on my birthday proper, the whole congregation went out to lunch (all 45 of us, including our college students from campus ministry) and I went to my mother’s to visit for a couple of days. While there, I also saw one of my oldest (not age but in length of friendship) friends and we celebrated her and my birthdays with brunch. No pictures from any of that 😦

Then it was back to work and we had the final Art + Craft + Spirituality: Crafty Pastor this week. We painted a watercolor icon which was a wonderful experience. Pictures of that soon.

And now we’re back around to Saturday again. Please forgive the low-dose of pink in this Saturday post. I will do better next time 🙂

Also, upcoming this week, first posts on the DIY Christmas!