Sylva in pictures

A few images around town.where the sidewalk ends




Traffic and Woodchucks

This town as has one stop light. Well, to be fair, it does have a good deal more than that, but there is only one significant intersection. One major road runs smack into a highway. Two four-laners forming a T intersection. A major thoroughfare through town and the one big road to Asheville. The light, as I was told yesterday, takes approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds to change. Ah, geez! I thought. Over two minutes!

Oh how quickly we adapt to whatever surroundings we are in so that what would have been pure miracle in one context becomes a headache in another. The traffic in this small town is so non-hectic that I am certain it is the cause of the significant and unexpected drop in my blood pressure since I’ve been here. (It certainly wasn’t because I’d lost weight.) How many hours I’ve spent sitting in traffic over the years, waiting on lights to change, hoping some kind soul would let me onto an interstate so crowded that the only thing moving was the heat wave heading upward from the metal hoods. Yet it took almost no time for me to be spoiled rotten by the relatively benign traffic here. I found myself being frustrate today when I had to wait for the light to change twice before I could make it through our one major intersection. The ‘delay’ was due to the number of tourists in town.

Saw a woodchuck in my yard today. When I first moved here, I saw a squat, fat, furry thing waddling by the side of the road and I thought it was a beaver. Later, I was corrected by a parishioner and now I know them to be our friendly woodchucks. Actually, I don’t know if they are friendly at all. This one seemed very shy. He looked at me, waddled around and, as fast as his little low body would carry him, scurried across the street to the neighbor’s yard. Wish I’d gotten a picture. Maybe next time.