Journey of Renewal

As part of the Journey of Renewal program for my ministry, I am to create a life plan, life goal, mission statement type of thing. It is actually quite interesting. The latest assignment was to examine the different areas of our life that we want to improve and then write out some sort of plan. Honestly, I’ve done this sort of thing so many times that I wasn’t sure I could make it something other than a rehashing of what’s been a part of my previous work. So, I decided to do a visual piece instead.

Of the different life areas this program examines I chose to work with the physical and social components of a balanced life. Ultimately, though, my goal with this whole program is to examine what is already working well in my life so that I can duplicate it in other settings.

I chose to use a few pieces I already had that had not found a home as of yet. The heart is layered polymer clay with clock parts encased in an epoxy. It never dried quite right, but I think the uneven texture adds to it. The box itself is a metal shrine box that I ordered from ARTchix Studio and so are the really cool copper wings. Archive paper, cotton yarn, metal cross with crystal, copper key and metal sparrow form the rest.

Ultimately, I think it is a good representation of what I’m aiming for: a harmony of mind, body, heart and spirit. In reality, I do not think these things are actually separate but I, like so many of us, tend to live in my head as though all the rest were somehow disconnect-able from my brain.

I put the key on the outside of the box as a reminder that I’ve got the key to me.





mail art

After getting a really cool new book, Good Mail Day by Jennie Hinchcliff, I made this neat little piece of mail for my mom! It didn’t actually go in the mail as an individual piece. It went as part of the whole pkg I sent her with photos of the crepe myrtles I took when I was there last.

The envelope is made from black cardstock with archival ladybug stickers, silver gel pen and a cute post it note with ladybugs on it too. 

The book is really awesome and has lots of ideas and suggestions for mail art, including some artists that have participated in mail art for a long time. There’s a template for this type of envelope and tons of other things, too.




I was in a book store in the Big City last week and stood in awe at one of those obscenely decadent magazine racks—-one of those that covers the entire back of the store! And, I’ll confess, it was amazing! 🙂

While there I bought some unique magazines that I never knew existed. My favorite was the Haute Handbag Magazine which is not only cool bags to look at, but also how to make nearly every single one. Good ideas for these projects and ideas to transfer to other projects. I will confess that I actually bought the thing, though, because of an article about Steampunk. While that particular article was kinda slim, the magazine was worth it anyway.

However, the most interesting magazine I saw was about workspace: Where Women Create. The whole magazine was devoted to a few artists/craftspersons and their work spaces. This got me to thinking about the places where I work—-both at the office where I work for the job part of my vocational life* and at home where I work for the non-job part of my vocational life*.

So, here’s my workspace at home

craft room

It seems terribly crowded and, well, I guess it is. But it is a whole room… A WHOLE ROOM dedicated to nothing other than making stuff! The desk came from the Grove Park Inn several years ago when they were remodeling some guest rooms and selling off furniture and it has that great Craftsman era shape to it. Theres scrapbooking, knitting, polymer clay, papercrafts, beading and jewelry making, sewing supplies and all kinds of stuff in there. Books and yarn yarn yarn, too, of course.


This chair was refinished for me by my grandmother and, although it isn’t a fine piece of furniture, it reminds me every day of the art and craft and creativity in my whole family.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I had a great time looking through that magazine and seeing all those nice, neat, organized craft spaces. But I couldn’t help but think that, in the end, those spaces didn’t look like that on the average day. These were real people who really worked and, of course, things were set up nice for a photo shoot for print. But I’m guessing that their spaces looked lived and worked in on an average day. And so does mine.

And, of course, what craft room is complete with out a Cat???


As for the workspace in the office……….. 


At least, it’s the immediate workspace in which I spend most of my weekday, but then, about once a week, I get to be here:

office2work table


Life is full of good things!

*for me, vocational life is what I’m called to be and do. it’s the whole of what one might call work or craft, for that matter. it would be reasonable to say that my paying job is also a craft of sorts.

Two of a kind

Steampunk Hearts

A current project–steampunk-ish hearts. They are polymer clay, pearlescent stuff, clock parts and resin. This was not my idea because I got it from an artist who sells her jewelry and instruction sheets on-line. Cannot find her website at the moment but when I do, I’ll post it because she is an interesting artist and a skilled craftsman.

Had some problems with the resin, but it’s totally an operator error 😉  It’s a two-part epoxy resin and I didn’t mix appropriate proportions for the second layer. However, hopefully, this will be repaired by the final coat of resin.

 Click pictures for larger images.

Heart AHeart 2