Sausage and Pasta Redoux

Last month I started the new cooking plan with recipes from Cooking Light. So far it’s been pretty good, even though I’ve spent some of the intervening time out of town and unable to cook.

This week I made a plan. An actual cooking, meal, grocery store, recipe, get-it-in-order plan. Not a set of mix and match diet choices made primarily of some combination yogurt and almonds or something super simple largely raw throw together thing. Not a dream list of fabulous food I’ll never really make but has beautiful photos in the cookbook or website that ultimately self-sabotages me into eating out because I’m tired and don’t want to go to that much trouble. That always ends up in me throwing away a lot of rotten food.

Nope, this is a grown up, real life meal plan for the week. Seems like a small thing to be so proud of, but there you go.

Monday and Wednesday are covered with other responsibilities, so tonight was the first one in this new Meal Plan Adventure. And, it was a redoux.

Formerly know as Chicken Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Penne, it is now Sausage and Pasta Redoux. 0209161717a

Penne is great, but I made dinner for a friend who doesn’t want to eat a lot of pasta. So I went with this veggie rotini. It’s pretty, not as pretty when it’s cooked because there’s color fade. It’s made with spinach, tomato and beet. But it just tastes like pasta.

I’ll admit that rotini is typically better when there’s some kind of sauce to hold on to and there isn’t really in this, but that’s ok. It worked.

As before, I used regular ole broccoli and not broccoli rabe. I have since learned that broccoli rabe is not at all the same thing as broccoli. Totally different kind of plant. But it’s green, so there! And Turkey Sausage, which I think I did before, too.

So there it is. However, I did realize that it sure is a lot of food. And I realized it just before 0209161751aI re read that the recipe was for four and I should have halved it. Oh well, good thing I like it! Two days of lunch!

Rest of the week it will be Peppered White Bean Kale and Egg Stack and Chicken Kofte with Zucchini.

What is a Kofte you may ask? Well, I don’t know either, so it will be a new thing for us all.