Sylva Farmer’s Market

tentsvegiesIt’s Saturday and I was finally able to get to the farmer’s market this morning. I’ll confess that I went last week but only long enough to dash in, buy a skein of yarn and dash back out. Today I had a little more time to browse about.

I love this little farmer’s market. It is pretty little, I guess, in comparison to some that I’ve been to in the past, but it seems to have more people and things in it s the summer has progressed.

Today I got some eggs which I ended up putting in the fridge at the office and have no pictures of the lovely brown things. I also got some home made cinnamon buns and another skein of yarn.

The yarn is the best!  Well, not “best” in the sense that it is the best yarn ever but in the sense that it is really cool to have yarn that comes from this area. This lady sells several things at her little table but I am most drawn to that yarn! yarn booth


It’s her own sheep and alpacas that she sheers and has the yarn spun. She dyes some of it and sells some of it plain. The plain is quite lovely–a nice oatmeal color. I’ve finished a shawl–a nice heavy warm one out of the old fashioned pattern: Old Shale–and have more to make mittens. It’s not so much soft as it is rugged yarn. I was also impressed with the dye. I don’t know what kind she uses but there was virtually no color loss in the ones I’ve used and no color bleed into the neutral at all.

tomatoesgreen and yellow peppers


Saturday Farmer’s Market

Went to the farmer’s market today. Lots of lovely things. Sunflowers, local honey, a light purple eggplant and a dozen eggs. And a small raspberry pie–baked not fried. Yummy stuff!