Sleeping Hibiscus

Writing Assignment: Plant Life

In the evenings, the flowers fold in like little shops closing up for the night. There are the occasional night owl blossoms, but most tuck themselves in, neatly folding their petals in demure lady like pleats to keep out whatever Night brings. It is easy to pass by a flower and not see it or think it only something pretty and not the living, beautiful universe it actually is. Georgia O’Keefe said something like that once. That’s why she painted them so big; so they could not be missed.

As I left a musical performance Tuesday night, I saw a beautiful hibiscus bush. They are one of my favorites. But then again, I say that about a lot of flowers! The best are the dinner plate hibiscus with monstrous blooms splayed out round and flat just like its namesake. I have no idea what kind of hibiscus this was because it was already well dark.

The closed blossom looked very little like a plant in the evening dark, half-light shinning across it. Botanic veins were dark and thick in shadow as though they coursed with blood. I touched it. Felt the weight of it in my hand, petals draping close and moist like delicate skin. It hefted like flesh and for a moment I thought I felt a single pulse.

I let go of it gingerly, not wanting to just let it fall carelessly from me but somehow feeling like I’d disturbed something that was pleasantly dreaming away the time before I, in my thoughtless way, presumed some sort of ownership and right to touch it. It is easy to forget how alive the world around us truly is and then, in one moment, a sleeping hibiscus can remind you of all the enumerable, exquisite living things sharing space with you.


The Great Merger

The Great Merger is complete. Mostly.  I have merged my art & craft blog, Random Act of Grace, with this one. Suddenly, my post count skyrocketed which, I’ll admit, was kinda cool! 174 posts.

So, the format of this blog is not really changing. Perhaps expanding a bit, but I’d often included some of the more art and craft kinds of things here as well, so there will likely be little perceptible change.

The photoblog is still up, running and active and in fact has some lovely new photos of morning glories. There is a huge vine cluster at the end of my street next to the train tracks and I’d just driven past them every day and hadn’t had time to shoot them until today. A few here and a few at Mental Scrapbook. Not necessarily all the same images either, so check them out.

Biltmore Gardens

Spent part of the day at the Biltmore House yesterday and by that I mean I went to the gardens. It was really hot! However, I got some pretty good photos from the day.

The uploads to my photoblog, The Mental Scrapbook, are being spaced out over a few days, but I am frustrated that wordpress does not list my photo posts in their tags section. In other words, when I tag a post with ‘photo’ or ‘photography’ or whatever along those lines and then go to the ‘tags’ section from the wordpress front page, none of the posts from that blog ever show up.

However, they do from this blog! So, here are some photos from the day:

This is some of the lovely brick work in front of the conservatory.

I love these flowers! I cannot remember what they are called. They are actually tall stalks with row after row of these little trumpets. Really beautiful.

Sometimes the flowers that have gone to seed are just as pretty as the blooms, although it is in a far different way.

I am repeatedly amazed at the macro ability of this little camera. Far more than I would have guessed. It is times like these, however, that I miss my Elan and the awesome 50mm macro. 😦

This is probably my favorite shot of the day. I love how the grass is going one way and the flower stem is going another. The bloom was actually a very pale, almost white, blue and it translated well to black and white.

Hothouse lilies smell great and are always posing for just one more shot!

The smoothness of the leaves and texture of the wood.

This little purple flower just popped out of the yellow leaves. I don’t think these leaves belong to the same plant, but they look great together.

more photos at Mental Scrapbook

Spring is here

Spring is here! The Sunshine! The Blooming trees and flowers! The Easter celebrations! The Allergies! The Tornadoes! The Summer movie previews!

And the greening up the mountain–which is something I am always amazed by. It’s kinda like the moon being visible in the daytime. I know it’s a natural phenomenon and not particularly uncommon but it seems so magical all the same.

I went to my mother’s house in the big city right after services on Sunday [so. tired.] but on the way home on Tuesday I stopped by my aunt’s house in Arden to photograph these:

They are Lady slippers and are particularly rare and are even rarer in great gobs of them and she has lots of them growing wild in her yard. Just amazing! One more can be seen here.

Also, new books on the pile for the spring/summer and a few to write about as well. Soon!

Saturday comes round again

So, last weekend was my birthday and since then….well…there is no other way to put this….I’ve just been lazy when it comes to my blogs.

A week ago was the massive church yard sale and, while we did fairly well, I was pretty disapointed that the beautiful Fir Cones On The Mountain green lace shawl did not sell. No one even looked at it. The pink little girl’s sweater with matching handbag and hand made polymer buttons sold.

pink sweater

And a little pink and purple ladie’s shrug also sold


Unfortunately, though, the knitting stitchmarkers I spent hours beading did not sell and several of the other lovely handmade items of others did not sell either. Maybe next year. Or perhaps I could do an Etsy shop and pledge a percentage of funds to the church from that. Hmmmm….

Birthday celebrations were fun. My aunt and I went to the Biltmore House. It is such a lovely place! If you’ve never been, I recomend it.

biltmoreprettyflower carpet

(More of my Biltmore stuff here here here here )

Then on my birthday proper, the whole congregation went out to lunch (all 45 of us, including our college students from campus ministry) and I went to my mother’s to visit for a couple of days. While there, I also saw one of my oldest (not age but in length of friendship) friends and we celebrated her and my birthdays with brunch. No pictures from any of that 😦

Then it was back to work and we had the final Art + Craft + Spirituality: Crafty Pastor this week. We painted a watercolor icon which was a wonderful experience. Pictures of that soon.

And now we’re back around to Saturday again. Please forgive the low-dose of pink in this Saturday post. I will do better next time 🙂

Also, upcoming this week, first posts on the DIY Christmas!

Pink–and it's flowers again!

 Pink Saturday is upon us once more! Check out How Sweet The Sound for more info and more pink


Yes, it is flowers again! And this post is full of photos from the garden of a parishoner of mine. We canned pimentoes yesterday. Last year she taught me how to can and I produced six little jars of pimentoes. I was so proud! This year we ended up with a dozen! These pimentoes come from her all-organic garden and these pink flowers were a row or so over. The butterflies were also kind enough to pose as well.4312