Sewing/Work Room

I saw this sewing room, the recently renovated work room of Connie Amaden-Crawford, and I really want it!  Well, most of all I want those fold out tables!


For real, everyday use, it is a bit too organized for me. And I actually mean that–not in a self-deprecating way but in a practical and style based way. Super neat areas are not particularly creative spaces for me. It is not JUST because I am messy. I am messy because that’s the kind of space in which I can be more creative. Too much ‘neat and organized’ puts up too many boundaries for me, where as just a little bit of messiness knocks down enough boundaries to free me up a bit.

Here’s what my workspace looks like:

craft room






Obviously, this is not where I sew!  That would be in two places. First, in the right hand part of this room which is not in the picture, there is a cabinet style Singer sewing machine that belonged to my mother. Secondly, my dining room table. I believe there is a great tradition of sewing on the dining room table and I am one in a long line of people who have used dining room and kitchen tables as workspaces for cutting, piecing and sewing projects. The machine I use there is a portable Brother LX-3125.


But oh how I would love to have those fold out tables Connie has in her workroom!  Wow, how nice that would be! Sometimes, if I have something really big to cut out, I’ll take it to the church and use the big church tables in the fellowship hall. Mostly, it is impractical to keep tables that large in my home, as I guess it is for everyone, but this great design of tables that fold into cabinets….cabinets that are already chock full of storage space….is quite clever!



It’s so exciting to be one of the featured blogs for Pink Saturday! Thank you so much to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for the feature and be sure to stop by there for all there is to know about Pink Saturday.

This blog is about all kinds of creative stuff and, most of all, it is about intentionally creating random acts of grace in the world through art and craft. Behind all the creative stuff I do (actually, behind all the creative stuff we all do) is the idea that there is a spirituality to making things. So, be it fine art or simple craft, we give away ourselves just a little when we make something. I have also discovered that just having a blog is giving away something creative every day to everyone who comes for a visit.

TypicallyPassion Flower, for Pink Saturday I post a pink flower of some kind like this amazing Passion Flower I took a picture of several years ago.  It looks like a sea creature of some kind to me. I love flowers and have been photographing them for years.

Here are some other things I’d like to share as well. Pictures of my craft room which has a pink/peach tint to it. The desk is my favorite part of the room. It came from the Grove Park Inn several years ago when they chose to refurbish most of their guest rooms. It’s a distinctly Arts & Crafts style piece. Of course, it’s covered in stuff!

Craft Room 1

This little chair was once brown and had a completely different seat in it. My grandmother refinished it and put this beautiful sunshine on it to match the kitchen in my first house–it was all decorated with suns, moons and stars and done in cobalt blue and yellow.


The house I live in now is a rental home. I love it because it has a monstrous kitchen, living room and master bedroom. This little cozy bedroom was just right for a craft room. It’s clear that it was once a little girl’s room from the adorable wallpaper.


mama snail baby snail

dancing bunnies

bunnies and butterflies



And, of course, what craft room is complete without a helpful kitty to tear stuff up while you’re not looking and then fake total innocence. Her name is Violet but I usually just call her Kitten. She’s sitting here amongst tubs of yarn. That’s got to be torture for a cat!


Hope you all have a lovely Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by!!


I was in a book store in the Big City last week and stood in awe at one of those obscenely decadent magazine racks—-one of those that covers the entire back of the store! And, I’ll confess, it was amazing! 🙂

While there I bought some unique magazines that I never knew existed. My favorite was the Haute Handbag Magazine which is not only cool bags to look at, but also how to make nearly every single one. Good ideas for these projects and ideas to transfer to other projects. I will confess that I actually bought the thing, though, because of an article about Steampunk. While that particular article was kinda slim, the magazine was worth it anyway.

However, the most interesting magazine I saw was about workspace: Where Women Create. The whole magazine was devoted to a few artists/craftspersons and their work spaces. This got me to thinking about the places where I work—-both at the office where I work for the job part of my vocational life* and at home where I work for the non-job part of my vocational life*.

So, here’s my workspace at home

craft room

It seems terribly crowded and, well, I guess it is. But it is a whole room… A WHOLE ROOM dedicated to nothing other than making stuff! The desk came from the Grove Park Inn several years ago when they were remodeling some guest rooms and selling off furniture and it has that great Craftsman era shape to it. Theres scrapbooking, knitting, polymer clay, papercrafts, beading and jewelry making, sewing supplies and all kinds of stuff in there. Books and yarn yarn yarn, too, of course.


This chair was refinished for me by my grandmother and, although it isn’t a fine piece of furniture, it reminds me every day of the art and craft and creativity in my whole family.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I had a great time looking through that magazine and seeing all those nice, neat, organized craft spaces. But I couldn’t help but think that, in the end, those spaces didn’t look like that on the average day. These were real people who really worked and, of course, things were set up nice for a photo shoot for print. But I’m guessing that their spaces looked lived and worked in on an average day. And so does mine.

And, of course, what craft room is complete with out a Cat???


As for the workspace in the office……….. 


At least, it’s the immediate workspace in which I spend most of my weekday, but then, about once a week, I get to be here:

office2work table


Life is full of good things!

*for me, vocational life is what I’m called to be and do. it’s the whole of what one might call work or craft, for that matter. it would be reasonable to say that my paying job is also a craft of sorts.