Christmas Roundup 2011

So it’s that time of year again. Time for the Christmas round up!

I’ve already posted photos of some of the gifts I made but here’s a pretty bowl that I finished in time for Christmas but not in time for that post.

Gave my aunt framed photos of lady-slippers in her yard. One of my

favorite gifts I gave this year!

As for gifts I’ve received, they were all awesome! One of the neatest gifts was from my friends in

Charlotte who sent me a box of tiny little spice boxes and two cook books one of which is cooking for one! And some really pretty snowflakes cut out of wood.

They weren’t the only ones who gave me books. I got two more, though they were officially Hanukkah presents.

Across the Universe

Hardcover and autographed which is awesome.

and this one, which is out of print.

Fifth Life of the Cat Woman

 Looking forward to reading both of them. And, while I’m at the Hanukkah giftlist, I also got a  beautiful locket. It’s copper on a pretty copper chain and there are bits of rosemary inside the locket.

Rosemary for remembrance…..

There were other gifts too, including some Creative Memories things, gift cards, cute note cards and a pretty carved cross. Everything was really great. I’m a lucky girl!

All the gifts I gave this year were either hand made by me, hand made by someone else or purchased locally. I don’t think I had to purchase a single thing outside of my county. So, the goal for the upcoming year will be to do the same thing for every other gift giving occasion in 2012.

Now, it’s time to watch all the Christmas specials I’ve DVRed including the Dr Who special: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe. Wonder whose going to destroy the world this year.

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This Year’s Gifts

Last year I made all of my gifts for family and friends and this year I have made a good number of them. The rest I have purchased locally. Pretty proud of that, thank you very much!Today I baked cookies and small pound cakes for my favorite bookstore, cafe and a couple other retail places. I was also able to pick up the recently completed pieces of pottery! Only one more to go and it’s finished; just needs to be fired.

The teapot is covered in ladybugs. The lid says “ladybug  ladybug” and the handle says “fly away home”. The bottom is black to match the lid but I didn’t get a shot with that in it. When the lid is on, there are tiny little antenna from the little bug below that make the lid look like a giant bug. Pretty pleased with it!

The mug is for a friend whose nick name is painted on the mug. Actually, he’s not “no fun” at all, but the mug came out quite well. My favorite is the handle that says “Fun? No!” and the straight face smiley on one side.

Lastly is this scarf. Just finished the last bit this morning. It’s quite long and is doubled up in these photos. Two strands of yarn held together. Quite warm as well. I did it in a Farrow rib which, although the fiber lacks stitch definition, adds a bit of stretch width wise and also lays flat. I’ve got it packaged in a cool little 31 bags tote.

Final bowl to pick up this week before the end of the week and that’s the last of it! The last two photos here are of a bowl I finished some time ago that I have just not posted photos of as of yet. It was just for me.

Christmas Roundup

Ok, so it’s time for the Christmas Roundup!

First, some things I got as gifts.  Books, for one thing, which I’ve already listed in the previous post.  Also some scrapbook paper and a really cool kit for making Christmas crackers–those little tubes that you fill with small candy and toys and the POP apart. Had some store bought ones last year and they weren’t so hot. These are great because I can fill them myself.  A few other things, too.

One of the best things was an awesome tool box for my sewing supplies. It is actually one of the coolest toolboxes I’ve ever seen. It is cantilevered, which means that instead of opening up, the top slides back, and it also has really neat little boxes to divide everything up inside and keep things from slipping around. The little sorting boxes have grooved places to sit so that when you take one out, the

others do not slide around. They’re in the lid and in the inside section, too.

Ok, and now the remaining things that I gave as gifts.

This bag is really cute. It is a bit like a lunch bag with really long straps. The pockets are all around the outside, though there are none inside.











This one was super cute because I also made an apron for myself out of the fabric. It’s the same Frenchy Bag pattern I’ve made over and over.  I think I’m done with it for a while, though.  It was not very difficult and fun to make, with good results, but I”m sort of tired of it now.

All Done But The Baking

Well, finally, all the DIY Christmas gifts are complete!  All except the baking part, of course. I didn’t end up doing as much knitted items as I have in the past, but that’s actually ok.  Most of my family and friends have gotten all the knitted stuff they want for a while.

There were a few things that I had to give in and not do myself. In some cases, there just was no do-it-yourself option or even something hand made by someone else. However, I did manage to keep that to a minimum!

Christmas cards, although not “hand” made, were designed by me. The image itself is of a hand-made banner at the church. I modified it in some of the Creative Memories software–the Storybook Creator–and added the swirls and snowflakes around it, adjusted the color in some places and removed it in others. The back image is the same Celtic cross I use on most everything.









In the knitting category, we have this cashmere hat in a simple 1×1 rib and a farrow rib knit scarf. Came out quite nice!  Super soft but I think still pretty warm. They’re a bit light weight, but the recipient seemed to like them just fine.hat and scarf

One more apron–this time in black and white! The main body of it is this really pretty tone on tone swirly pattern. The girl at the shop said it was a Halloween fabric, but it sure didn’t look like it to me. Just because it was black maybe? I don’t know.  The ruffle, ties and pocket are another tone on tone, this time white. The image on it is a stylized reindeer. I wasn’t planning to make this a Christmas apron, but it’s just fine if it becomes one when I give it to the person for whom I made it.  This is the same pattern I used for the previous two on the last post. I did, however, make one small modification. The black fabric for this one was very lightweight and it didn’t lay flat across the chest. The other two were also a bit “blouse-y” here but because the fabric was a tad heavier, it didn’t seem to matter. So I made two small tucks right at the ties at the top. This makes it lay flatter and look better while being worn.







And the last and final bag! This was made from the Frenchy Bag pattern I used for these bags. There’s another tote bag I made that I haven’t photographed yet, but I’ll probably have a Christmas Roundup post with lots of stuff later on and I’ll try to get one then.  It’s pretty, I think. 🙂

Anyhow, this one is for my mom’s neighbor who is so very good to her! Red and white and just fun!  It’s tote bag size.


DIY Christmas Continues: Aprons

So the DIY Christmas continues and I’ve finished one more project–an apron. This is a gift for someone on my list who is a really good cook and I think she’ll like it.  The one below it with the coffee cups is for me. I just thought it was such cute fabric!

Pattern is McCall’s 5284 Some modifications but not a lot.

The last picture at the bottom is a DIY of someone else–my mom’s neighbor. The photo does not do it justice because not only are there tons of lights, etc, they have also synchronized the flashing to music. And they’ve done it all themselves. Impressive!

More DIY Christmas to come.