This Year’s Gifts

Last year I made all of my gifts for family and friends and this year I have made a good number of them. The rest I have purchased locally. Pretty proud of that, thank you very much!Today I baked cookies and small pound cakes for my favorite bookstore, cafe and a couple other retail places. I was also able to pick up the recently completed pieces of pottery! Only one more to go and it’s finished; just needs to be fired.

The teapot is covered in ladybugs. The lid says “ladybug  ladybug” and the handle says “fly away home”. The bottom is black to match the lid but I didn’t get a shot with that in it. When the lid is on, there are tiny little antenna from the little bug below that make the lid look like a giant bug. Pretty pleased with it!

The mug is for a friend whose nick name is painted on the mug. Actually, he’s not “no fun” at all, but the mug came out quite well. My favorite is the handle that says “Fun? No!” and the straight face smiley on one side.

Lastly is this scarf. Just finished the last bit this morning. It’s quite long and is doubled up in these photos. Two strands of yarn held together. Quite warm as well. I did it in a Farrow rib which, although the fiber lacks stitch definition, adds a bit of stretch width wise and also lays flat. I’ve got it packaged in a cool little 31 bags tote.

Final bowl to pick up this week before the end of the week and that’s the last of it! The last two photos here are of a bowl I finished some time ago that I have just not posted photos of as of yet. It was just for me.


Night Circus Ceramics

Not long ago I posted a review for the book Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and I loved that book! Around about the same time, I learned a new ceramics trick involving something we all probably learned in elementary school. Remember how you would take lots of pretty colored crayons and scribble all over a piece of paper, then color over that with black crayon really heavily and scratch off in places to show the colors underneath? Well, this is the same general idea only it’s ceramics and it’s paint. (I paint ceramics at Claymates in Dillsboro) Anyhow, I combined some of the images described in the Night Circus and–voila! We have the images below.

The cup was made as a gift for a friend who also loved the book. The teapot is the ice garden from the book and I have four additional cups on order to complete to make a set with the pot. My plan is that each of the cups will have some image from the book, such as the bonfire, the cards of the fortune teller, etc.

So far, I am really pleased with the out come!

Ceramic Vase

The latest completed ceramic thing from the paint it yourself pottery place. Can’t actually use it as a vase or anything like that since it has a hole in the bottom. It was part of the “vintage” collection at the shop.

It didn’t come out exactly as I’d planned but it’s ok.vase 1Vase 2Vase 3

I’m using it for wooden spoon storage in the kitchen.

Last night I started a cookie jar.  It was originally supposed to be for my mother, but I gave her a piece of pottery made by a real artist instead. So, this ended up being mine as well.

Working on Christmas gifts this week, too. Tote bags, purses and canned fruit. More to come!