Random Acts of Kindness

Take a look over at this blog:


Really interesting! I believe she’s come to the end of the 100 days, but it’s still worth looking at and getting inspiration.

I am still making my prayer boxes, post-its and other such things but have chosen not to blog about them for a while for a whole plethora of reasons, mostly related to not wanting people to hunt for them but for whoever comes along to happen upon them. I may, however, do a  little round up of some thing just to show them.

Today is Crafty Pastor and we’re working on prayer boxes. It’s sometimes hard to get the concept across and I’m hoping I’ll have a little better luck this year.


Journey of Renewal

As part of the Journey of Renewal program for my ministry, I am to create a life plan, life goal, mission statement type of thing. It is actually quite interesting. The latest assignment was to examine the different areas of our life that we want to improve and then write out some sort of plan. Honestly, I’ve done this sort of thing so many times that I wasn’t sure I could make it something other than a rehashing of what’s been a part of my previous work. So, I decided to do a visual piece instead.

Of the different life areas this program examines I chose to work with the physical and social components of a balanced life. Ultimately, though, my goal with this whole program is to examine what is already working well in my life so that I can duplicate it in other settings.

I chose to use a few pieces I already had that had not found a home as of yet. The heart is layered polymer clay with clock parts encased in an epoxy. It never dried quite right, but I think the uneven texture adds to it. The box itself is a metal shrine box that I ordered from ARTchix Studio and so are the really cool copper wings. Archive paper, cotton yarn, metal cross with crystal, copper key and metal sparrow form the rest.

Ultimately, I think it is a good representation of what I’m aiming for: a harmony of mind, body, heart and spirit. In reality, I do not think these things are actually separate but I, like so many of us, tend to live in my head as though all the rest were somehow disconnect-able from my brain.

I put the key on the outside of the box as a reminder that I’ve got the key to me.




bird box

Since the first box or so I made with the swallow on the outside I’ve wanted to make another prayer box with something similar.  Finally gotten around to it. This one has a silver swallow on the lid. Archival paper and acrylic paints. Pretty grosgrain ribbon, too, for a handle. Inside is a silver cross with “turquoise” inserts. It’s neither real silver nor real stones but they are pretty none the less. The paper wrap around the outside is of a substantial weight, so I extended it beyond the bottom of this little oval shaped box to give it more height. On the bottom of the box is an archival sticker saying “believe”. Inside the words are Faith Hope Love Joy. Continuing with the overall Hope theme I’ve been working on.

This box and the Witness box have not yet been released. They still have to be tagged first and I’m not sure of a good place to put them as of yet either.lidswallow box



New Prayer Box

Haven’t had a lot of time to work on any prayer boxes or other things to leave randomly around town as of late because I’ve been diligently spending all of my “craft time” working on things for the craft sale portion of the church yard sale coming up at the end of the month. However, this one is ready to go out–nearly.   


witness box 

It’s made from a band-aid tin. Covered in archival scrapbook paper, silver acrylic paint and glued on crosses.   


 I removed the hinges from the lid of the binsideox and used cotton twine and wooden beads to hold the lid on. It’s actually pretty cool looking in person. Inside is heavy weight archival scrapbook paper accordion folded and cut to fit with inspirational words written on it. 

At the moment I’ve only got a single piece of scripture written on one of the folds but I’ll be adding to it tomorrow and plan to add not just scripture but also other inspirational words from inspirational people as well. There will also be a second sheet of the accordion folded paper left blank for whoever finds the box to add their own inspirational words. 



 It is a “Witness” box because it will have words that bear witness to hope and joy in the world. 


Blue Box

blue box

New Prayer Box–this one is all blue and silvery.  I seem to have spent most of the time lately in the goldish, bronzish, coppery area and thought I’d take a break and move into the cooler silvers and pewters for a change.

Box is made of paper and painted with blue acrylic on the outside and silver on the inside. The writing inside says ‘O Lord, fill my mouth and write upon my heart that which you would have me say.”  There’s a decoupage image of the Holy Spirit stained glass window in there, too.

silver inside

 The feet of the box are really cool looking silver beads.

silver feet

The underside has an archival sticker of a black flower–daisy like shape–with dots! 🙂


The lid is really an integral part. The outside is painted with blackboard paint and then trimmed in shiny blue nail polish. The inside of the lid is archival paper that has a really neat felt texture to it. It’s been lightly distressed and silvered.

chalkboard lidinside lid

And HERE’s why the lid is integral…..the star shaped chalk. The lid is designed to be used as a mini blackboard for words or phrases or whatever the recipient wants.


And the tissue paper that wraps around the chalk and goes in the box is the same type of black and white daisy like flower.


This box is a gift for a specific person and not a found art piece, so I can’t post this till they’ve received it! Mailing it today (June 18)

New Prayer Box–Found Art Piece

Freshly Minted Prayer Box.

I think it’s quite lovely

 Prayer Box

Balsam wood box painted with acrylic paint. Glass beads and wax cord on the sides. Wooden beads for feet.

Box side

The front is a deccoupaged icon image from a lovely icon catalog. It’s the archangel Raphael, protector of travelers and pilgrims. A companion and guardian as we travel along our life’s journey. I might need to purchase some icon cards from that catalog for future projects.


The inside says “hope is your guide”. I thought a long time about what I wanted the words on this box to be. I wanted them to be something about hope. I pondered over lots of different things and even considered using just the word Hope. I descided against the later because of the recent political use of that single word by Obama. It’s not that I disagree so much with him as I just think it is a shame that a word like Hope has become a politicized word. I realized that in the end, what I wanted to say was related to Hope on our journey. Hope is your guide.

hope is your guide

Hoping to set it free today!


UPDATE:: set free in Dillsboro Chocolate Factory. Second one in this place. You can see it here on the table with their public use computer 🙂

Oh, and of course, I bought some Ameretto Fudge while I was there!


Tiny Box

This is a tiny box–you can judge the size by the votive candle inside.

It is a cardboard box, painted and decorated with archival scrapbook paper, paint pens, glass beads for feet. The inside inscription reads “Jesus Christ is the Light of the World”. It was also tinted all over with pastel chalks. Click images for larger views.

I haven’t decided where this one will go. It’s designed to be small enough to leave somewhere inconspicuous for a stranger to find. When I was telling someone about this, they said–Is it legal? To just leave something like that? Wow. What kind of world is it when we are afraid giving something away might be illegal?

 Tiny BoxTiny Box partsTiny Box top and tag