Beans Yes, Kale Yes, Together NO

Thursday night’s dinner in my new meal plan was:

Peppered White Bean, Kale Egg Stack

So, I’ve been thinking that there are a lot of “stack”s and “bowl”s around these days. Perhaps it’s a food trend and I’m so out of it I didn’t know. I am very aware of the organic, locally grown, ethically managed trend in food. After all, I’m only an hour away from Asheville and, in my little Small Mountain Town, eating organic and local is what people have done since before there ever was a walmart.

Anyhow, “stack”s seem to be  dishes that are served in sort of a layered pile. A stack, if you will, of food. Not like mashed potatoes and gravy but like Parmesan Sprinkled Rustic Mashed Potatoes Over A Plank Of Meatloaf On A Bed Of Green Beans. (Mmmmm meatloaf) Actually, that doesn’t sound bad at all.

However, kale on top of mashed white beans does sound bad. And texture wise, it wasn’t so great. It wasn’t a total disappointment, but I won’t be doing a double post of it that is for sure.

Ok, so the recipe is, as always, in Cooking Light and the link is here and above.


red onion–they are so lovely! 

First there are the beans! They were delish! I’ve never mashed beans before! What a marvelous idea! Great White Northern Beans are a little bigger than Navy Beans (why “navy”? they are white) and are shaped like Lima Beans but DO NOT taste like Limas! If you didn’t have a can of GWNB but had Navy Beans or Cannelini Beans, I think you’d be ok. The recipe calls for adding 1/2 cup of water along with a can of beans.

  • Mistake Avoidance Tip: drain the beans before adding them to the pot or add less water. Otherwise it’s really liquidy and requires some time boiling off extra liquid.

Mine were a bit liquidish, but they sure were zippy with the Parmesan cheese and lots of pepper! Yummy!


fresh salsa

Topper was a simple fresh salsa. I used a red
onion to give it more color. It was really good and made just the right amount for two servings (I halved the recipe).

Then there is the Kale. Maybe it would have been better if I hadn’t gotten some kind of fancy super curly Kale. It was to be “wilted” in a dutch oven but it just didn’t want to wilt to well. Ended up chewy. Bad combo with the beans. A Kale salad would have been lovely but of course then it wouldn’t be a “stack”.

The dish was supposed to have a poached egg layer, between the Kale and the Salsa. What a pain in the neck a poached egg is! So, no–that didn’t happen. If I’d wanted to have an egg I would have substituted a soft boiled one because that’s a whole lot easier to


Peppered Great Northern Beans, Kale, Egg Stack. Minus Egg. 

accomplish. If you ever have concerns about soft boiling an egg, this article here is really helpful!

But this time, no egg. How would that have worked with the chewy not-quite-
wilted Kale? I just don’t know.

So here it is plated for one single serving. Just for clarity’s sake, this is a smaller sized plate. It always feels like I haven’t gotten a full plate if I use a bigger one and have a regular serving. More likely to have a reasonable size portion with a smaller plate.

I’ll end this post with a picture of a lovely red onion. Because they are really so lovely. This was a super duper fast dish to prepare, less than 20 minutes definitely. If I ever do it again, I’ll probably do it in parts but not as a whole dish.