Flatten That Chicken!

Dinner last night was another from the Cooking Light magazine. This one was Flattened Chicken with Almond and Paprika Vinaigrette.

So, the weird thing was that I always thought a vinaigrette needed to have vinegar. But this doesn’t and apparently a vinaigrette doesn’t require it anyway. There are vinegary olives in the topping though, so maybe that counts? Anyhow, it was good. I used too much olive oil in the pan and you can see it in the plate, but who ever said that was a bad thing was a liar!

Pictured here is a single serving.


The recipe called for flattened chicken breast halves but I had chicken tenderloins and used that instead. They flatten out really easily; only had to put them between two sheets of parchment and beat on them with the heel of my hand. Chicken breasts are a lot harder to flatten! But flattened chicken cooks super duper fast! 3 minutes per side! Whole thing was done in less than the 28 minutes the recipe says it would take. It could have been really easily over cooked though.

Was it tasty?  Yes, I give it a 8*
Was it easy? Pretty much, could have been harder with actual chicken breasts though. 7
Was it quick? Less than 30 minutes start to finish sounds quick to me.
Would I cook it again? Yes
Overall I’d rate it a 8

*scale of 1-10 with one the worst and 10 the best


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