Bakers Are Cool

Anyone who has read much of this blog is aware of how much I love one of the best local restaurants/cafes/places to acquire yumminess: City Lights Cafe.  Well, one of the very lovely people who work there has started her own blog and you… that’s you…. should check it out!

Seriously, it is worth putting on your regular blog-read list. Rachael Griffin: Confessions of a Wannabe Baker (and, if you’re on facebook, find it and like it here).

Now, this ain’t your grandma’s baking blog. That is, of course, unless your grandma made vegan chocolate cake that looks so good you want to eat it off the screen and unless she occasionally admits she’s drinking whiskey while she cooks (important word there is admits!)

There is also some lovely food photos as well as you can see from the shot of this a-mazing chocolate cake! Plus, she’s a super sweet girl and everybody knows that bakers are cool, so check her out and you’ll find her permanently in the link list on this blog.


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