An Assortment of Items, Things and Stuff

Somehow or another I’ve managed to miss a bit of a milestone in this blog’s life. Two posts ago, the one called Art Artist Artsy Artisan, was in fact my 200th post. Not too bad if I say so myself!

Granted, in September of 2011 I merged my craft blog (Random Act of Grace) with this one which rocketed up the post total to 174 at that time. I started Life in a Mountain Town on August 8th, 2009 but it was definitely not my first blog. Random act of Grace was started as simply a crafty blog over at (shudder) blogger in 2006. I’ve got two others as well: Mental Scrapbook (May 2010, 262 posts) and The Shepherdess Writes (November 2005, 161 posts). If you add it all up, since 2005 I’ve posted just over 620 times on my personal blogs.

Some of my favorites on Mountain Town have been:

The DMV My first experience with one of the most fantastic things about small town life!

First Random Act of Grace This is the first box I made from an Altoid tin. And it’s still my favorite.

Handy Tips For The New In Town  Ok, I’ll admit it’s too snarky, but for some reason I love it.

ICU One of a few posts I did around the death of my mother in September of last year.

No Other Word But Halleluiah And there is no other word.

In other news, I opened my photography show on Friday and it went really really well! I was terribly nervous and so pleased at the turnout and support. Also, here is a great blog post from a friend about art in this area and noticing art around us. Ok, I’ll confess that I’m linking this because she mentions me, but how cool is that anyway? Additionally, it’s a fantastic blog written by a person who is full of joy–and I don’t mean that foolish kind of vapid nonsense joy but real, grounded, genuine joy at being alive–and well worth the read.

Shortly, I hope to post images from the chainmaille class I attended and the pieces I’ve been working on recently as well. In the mean time, I leave the blogging world with this little bit of halleluiah because really, there is no other word.


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