Green Gene

In my family there are great genes for making thing, great genes for teaching things and great genes for growing things. I definitely got the first, probably the second and none at all of the last.

In the past I’ve tried to have a garden or potted plants. I love flowers and, in fact, a significant piece of my photography work has centered around flowers, trees, plants and all manner of botanical life.  But growing things myself has never been a gift of mine. I’ve managed to keep a shamrock plant alive for a while and there was an ivy plant at my house in Charlotte that grew through the siding, over the slab foundation beside the dishwasher and into the kitchen, but any successfully living green things were purely accidental.

However, I am now making an attempt at growing something!

These are little clippings from a Spider Plant and so far, there’s been no plant blood spilt! Spider Plant is a weird name for a plant since, obviously, it’s not a spider. My guess is that they are named that because of the shape of these little leaf groupings but I’m not sure. I’ve put them in water–as instructed by the giver of the clippings–and I understand that they should sprout roots at some point and I am to put them in pots. I’m assuming that will mean buying little pots and dirt. Obviously this is elementary from a certain perspective, but I’m hoping to be successful with these little guys!

So, hopefully there are big healthy Spider Plants in my future!


2 thoughts on “Green Gene

  1. You might have inherited my black thumb. I do, however, have a snake plant (doesn’t look at all like a snake) that I’ve had for 41 years in the same pot with the same dirt (very little now) and I’ve only watered it about once in a blue moon. It seems to enjoy being neglected, so I recommend this type of plant for people like us. I will hope for the best for your little spiders though!

    • Well, I have been assured that this is a easy plant to have and I’ve got some guidance from a person who is good with them, so we’ll have to see. Yes, I believe I did get the black thumb!
      However, 41YEARS for a plant?? wow! 😉

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