Kitties and Puppies and Doggies and Cats

Now I know that money is tight for everyone in the world but I met a woman the other day who has a cause worth taking a moment to read about and, even if it’s only a couple of dollars, worth giving to. So please…. read on…

Her name is Chandra Spaulding and she has a great passion for caring for animals. Not just her own pets in her own home but caring for those that need homes, too. The last time I saw her, she was sitting on the floor in the bookstore petting the two very happy cats, Cedric and Theda. The store has recently provided the two matching black and white cats (“just like bookends” Chandra said) a new home and now they happily roam the shelves and greet the customers every day.

cedric (photo not by me)

Cedric (photo not taken by me--but it sure is cute!)

Chandra has a great love of animals that is readily apparent. She also spends a great deal of time and money not only helping find homes for animals but also helping people find ways to get the pets they love the vaccinations and spay/neuter procedures they need but may not be able to afford.

Of her work she writes, “I assist folks in western North Carolina by arranging low- and preferably no-cost spay/neuter, plus transport, for their pets through Humane Alliance in Asheville, North Carolina. These people love their pets but lack the financial resources to get them fixed and vaccinated. Often these cases involve multiple pets, including puppies and kittens. Further, I work with partner organizations, making the most of available spay and neuter vouchers. There are other associated costs, though, such as basic vaccinations and travel expenses. Rabies vaccine is required if an owner does not have proof and a pet is four months old or older, and frequently even the $10 for the vaccine is hard for families to come up with, especially when there are more than a couple animals in need. Sometimes these trips to Humane Alliance are the only contact a pet will have with a veterinarian for a year or more. Trips to Humane Alliance require an hour or more of driving (one-way) two days in a row and considerable effort in coordinating with families. Any assistance offsetting these costs would be very much appreciated by me and the families which receive your contributions!  There are people asking for your help, and it’s a great example of how a little bit can go a long way. A little bit of giving makes these families feel acknowledged and understood, and a little bit of giving helps keep our pets population under control and healthy! Pets are very much part of the culture of this mountain area, and they help us be better human beings in so many ways.  When you help with spay and neuter, you are contributing to stronger society.”

So, here’s the deal. She needs help. No, let me put it a better way… the animals need help and she’s one of many who are getting it to them. And you can be one of those people, too. Chandra is using ChipIn, an excellent and quite secure fund-raising site, and every little dollar you can give will help. Check it out HERE.

Also, if you’re in the Sylva, NC area or if you want to make a trip to the most beautiful place on earth (the mountains of western NC) or buy a book online this weekend, come by City Lights Bookstore and be a part of Cedric’s special promotion. Cedric will give a portion of the money you spend in the store or online on Friday, January 20th to PAWS, the non-profit, no-kill animal shelter from whence he came. Want a kitty of your very own? Go downstairs to Citylights Cafe between 11AM and 4PM to adopt a furry friend for yourself!

Donate through ChipIn to support Chandra’s work and buy books from Cedric to support PAWS.

(and if you don’t have anyone in your life who wants a book, feel free to check out MY WISH LISTS!  😉  )


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