The Great Merger

The Great Merger is complete. Mostly.  I have merged my art & craft blog, Random Act of Grace, with this one. Suddenly, my post count skyrocketed which, I’ll admit, was kinda cool! 174 posts.

So, the format of this blog is not really changing. Perhaps expanding a bit, but I’d often included some of the more art and craft kinds of things here as well, so there will likely be little perceptible change.

The photoblog is still up, running and active and in fact has some lovely new photos of morning glories. There is a huge vine cluster at the end of my street next to the train tracks and I’d just driven past them every day and hadn’t had time to shoot them until today. A few here and a few at Mental Scrapbook. Not necessarily all the same images either, so check them out.


One thought on “The Great Merger

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