Much To Write, Too Little Time

I have much to write and too little time in which to do it!

Two books to write about: Room (which I could not complete, but I want to say why) and The Wide Sargasso Sea. The latter was I book I had convinced myself I had read already but had, in truth, not even cracked the cover. It was very good, dreamy, strange and ever so slightly mad.

I am in The Big City visiting my mother and have found the city itself to be less irritating than usual. The local news is, as always, comically horrific and will always be my greatest grievance against my own home town.

So much to write and so little time! Because of this, I have considered combining a couple of my blogs. Recently, I put Random Act of Grace on hiatus because I was ultimately neglecting it in a way I did not wish to do. However, it is the blog that has the most readers, possibly because of both the art/craft content and the Steampunk content. It is my plan to, perhaps, merge these two into a new blog altogether–including merging all old content. It is not difficult to do, of course, I just have to decide if I can stand so much boundary merging!

Also, I canned a dozen jars of plum pluot preserves last week and have more things I wish to do. It is getting cooler–only a bit but still–and that makes canning a whole lot more pleasant. So much life to do and so little time!


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