The Living Tree

Once again, the tree in my office has returned to life.  I’m not sure why. I have suspicions that the cleaning lady who comes on Saturday nights is giving it additional water.

I received this tree/plan/whatever you wish to call it when I first arrived here in January of 2009 and it has sat in the same spot in my office since then. It has died twice. Died to the point that I was mourning the loss of a plant given to me by my mom and preparing to throw it out. This last time, I had seen it going and wondered if it was for the best.

I’m not even certain of what kind of plant it is.

Then, last week, I saw not only new growth on it but considerable new growth. Returning green leaves and spreading out a bit. Taller too. Two days ago I sat in the blue chair in my office and felt something sitting on my shoulder, like the gentle touch of a child not wanting to disturb you, and it was the top of the little tree resting on me.

Such a friendly gesture from one for whom I had been so little help and nurture. It felt, somehow, like an act of grace.


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