Shepherd’s String Band

Our church has, thanks to massive amounts of previously undiscovered talent, added not one but TWO additional choirs to our music department. And this is a congregation that only worships about 40-50 people a week. Who knew we’d even have a ‘music department’? Most notably is the fact that there are no overlapping members–no one is in more than one of the choirs.

Last Sunday in July we had our traditional 5th Sunday covered dish lunch and the Guitar Choir played for us. I’d never heard of or even considered such a thing as a guitar choir. It is awesome! They played I’ll Fly Away, Do Lord, Tennesse Waltz and a few other standards.

We also now have a Handbell Choir as well, and they are equally as awesome, too! They’ve played in worship twice and it’s just lovely.

We’re having our annual Octoberfest the first Saturday in October but this year we’re going to add music from all of our choirs and…. it is rumored… there may even be a flute player in there somewhere. I am to shoot photos of the guitar choir tomorrow evening and make an appointment for the bells sometime soon. It’s my job to do the publicity and such, so I’m really hoping lots of people from the community will come.


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