Books are everywhere at my house. Considering that I’m pretty sure a digital reader is an abomination…..mostly because it is….. my book collection is probably never going to stop expanding.  I had a massive summer reading list set up and have read not nearly enough of them and more have been added to the stack!

First, there’s Harry Potter. Final movie came out and that means it’s time to read them. All of them. Yes, I know, you’ve already read them. How do I know, you  may ask? Because that’s what everyone tells me. And yes, I also know that nearly everyone on the planet thinks I should have read them first and then seen the movies. I have a different opinion and I’m going with that.

Then there is the new Sylva library which just opened. We had a library before but I never felt particularly comfortable in there. It always seemed too close and too something or another that made me think it was going to smell bad.  It didn’t but I had the feeling that it did. Anyhow, we have a stunningly beautiful library now. A real feather in the cap of any small town, much less a very small semi-rural town like ours. So, of course that means I have to check out books. It’s all old stuff like C.S. Lewis (The Four Loves, Mere Christianity), etc. But I had to, you see. I had to support the library by checking out books!

Anyhow, in the mean time I’ve added


Room by Emma Donoghue and

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

to the pile. They’re for two bookclubs. And the choir director at the church published her autobiography so I’ve added that. Oh, and there’s also a book or two to go along with my possible DMin that I’m contemplating. I can only hope that my former Ethics professor’s next book does not come out any time in the next six months.

I did decide I should give away some books and gathered the ones I am willing to part with together in a box. I think there are about four.  Four books, not four boxes.

It’s an addiction. Hello, my name is Rosemary and I’m a Biblioaddict.



3 thoughts on “Books, BOOKS, BOOKS!

  1. I heard about Room on another blog I was perusing the other day and it sounded really interesting, I’m going to have to consider getting that book. I’ve read the Hunger Games trilogy and all three books were brilliant, I read each of the three books in less than a day, they were wonderful.

    I just finished reading the Harry Potter series for the first time, and while I don’t think it was the greatest series I’ve ever read, it was very good and I can understand why it had all the hype.

  2. Hi Adam! thanks for stopping by!
    And thanks for sharing your thoughts on HG and HP. I’m looking forward to both. It seems to me that books that would be labled “young adult” or “teen” are becoming much more widely read by people of all ages. I wonder if it is because, in previous years, some of these books would not have been in a sub genre dependent upon age group. Or is it because the quality of books in these areas have increased?
    I’ve heard mixed things about Room, so I will be interested to see what it is like.

  3. You are a woman after my own heart! I decided to go through the 2 book shelves and the other various stacks of my books to get rid of some…. 6. 6 books was all I could manage to part with. I turned them in to a used book store for credit and bought the entire set of Twilight books in hard cover and Eat, Pray, Love for a total of $3.29. So I got rid of 6 and came home with 5. So your 4 is still better than my feeble effort 🙂

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