X-Men Is First Class

X-Men: First Class

I finally got to see the new X-Men installment. Originally, I’d planned to see it first day of its release but that didn’t happen. That’s fine, really. I much prefer seeing most movies in a less than full theater so that I can feel sucked into the experience.  There are some exceptions and those are the times when the feel of the other audience members is part of the show itself. Of course, I can’t think of any of those at the moment, but it doesn’t matter because this wasn’t one of those movies anyway.

X-Men. I love comics, graphic novels and whatever else you want to call them. And really, I just love the super-hero genre in general, be that in still or moving images or the written word. I think it is the contemporary version of the classic Hero’s Journey and I doubt I am the first one to make note of this, either. For my generation, and perhaps younger, ‘hero’ doesn’t have the same feel as ‘super-hero’. Perhaps it is because we want our cookies to be super deluxe flavor burst packed with six different flavors of chips and our soft drinks to be ultra mega taste sensation performance enhanced thirst quenching machines and that kind of world won’t be satisfied with anything less than a SUPER hero. Whatever the reason, I am glad of it.

I know that there are always a lot of complaints about the differences between a film and the original story and the X-Men series is no different. However, the X-Men universe is so large and has so many rabbit-trail diversions in it that it would be difficult for anyone to make movies that were completely faithful in every detail. On the whole, while there are differences and shifts here and there, I believe the spirit of the X-Men mythology has remained intact throughout the films. This is no exception.


The choice of James McAvoy for the role of Charles Xavier was a fine one indeed. His speech is proper but not posh; he’s attractive but not so much as to be unbelievable. So was Michael Fassbender for Erik Lehnsherr. You really hurt for him and I have great sympathy for his vengeful crusade. The friendship between the two is realistic and you totally buy into their mutual pain at its dissolving. And I am fully convinced you can’t get a better villain than Kevin Bacon! He’s


……So right in the middle of writing this review, the power went off yesterday in the midst of a terrible storm. This is where the last ‘save’ ended. I do not remember what else I’d written but I am certain it was absolutely FABULOUS with the kind of life altering prose that will emblazon itself on your consciousness forever.

Or not.

Either way, the one last thing I have to say is this: when they are trying to sneak inside by hiding in the back of the truck and get stopped at the road block, Charles puts his hand to his temple and when the guys with guns open the back of the truck….. it appears empty to them because of Charles’ mind control……all I could think was, “these are not the droids we are looking for.”

If you haven’t seen it, see it!


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