Spring is here

Spring is here! The Sunshine! The Blooming trees and flowers! The Easter celebrations! The Allergies! The Tornadoes! The Summer movie previews!

And the greening up the mountain–which is something I am always amazed by. It’s kinda like the moon being visible in the daytime. I know it’s a natural phenomenon and not particularly uncommon but it seems so magical all the same.

I went to my mother’s house in the big city right after services on Sunday [so. tired.] but on the way home on Tuesday I stopped by my aunt’s house in Arden to photograph these:

They are Lady slippers and are particularly rare and are even rarer in great gobs of them and she has lots of them growing wild in her yard. Just amazing! One more can be seen here.

Also, new books on the pile for the spring/summer and a few to write about as well. Soon!


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