Christmas Gifts and Books I’m Reading Now

I always think that one of the best things to get for Christmas is a book. And this year I was lucky and got two!  The first one was from my mom and, according to her, I asked for this book.  I don’t remember asking for it but I am sure glad I got it!  I’m a big fan of Tony Blair and I am really looking forward to reading this autobiography.

 Then, from some of my friends, I got this bible. Now, it is kind of a joke amongst pastors that people give bibles as gifts to people who are professional religious. Gee, just what every pastor needs…a bible…because I certainly didn’t have one already.  However, in this case, this is a very unique bible. It is a graphic novel. It does not attempt to cover every last word of scripture, but it does hit the highlights.  I’ve only had a chance to flip through it but it is pretty good so far.  Great idea! 

The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story


Aside from these two gifts, I’ve got two others on my reading stack now.  Tea Rose is the first one.  This is not a novel I would typically select.  While it is similar in era to many of the steampunk style fiction I love, it is anything but steampunk in all other ways.  However, it is for my book club and it is always good to read things one might not normally pick up. Meeting is coming up fast and I’ve barely started it….

The Tea Rose


And Kraken is the other.  I’ve had this one since the summer and I’ve been really looking forward to it.  It’s in the leftover from summer pile which, unfortunately, still has a few things in it. This is also a writer I’m very curious about. China Mieville. Looking forward to this one and now that Christmas is over, perhaps I’ll be able to get to all of these without much delay!




A Journey: My Political Life

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