Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday and in honor of that, here are some of my favorite small businesses–most of which are local to where I live. However, sometimes people mistake “small” for “inaccessible” and these are nothing like that. Most all are have storefronts on line.

clbFirst of all there is City Lights Bookstore. I have life-long fond memories of shopping or just hanging out in the small owner-operated bookstore in my home town and while I will confess to shopping from time to time in one of those other, big chain book stores, I’ll always give my heart and my money to the local bookstore. And there is one awesome cat who lives there, too!

It’s By Nature in downtown Sylva. There website is under construction but its got the hours and address and one fabulous photo. Wonderful locally crafted items. Stained glass, pottery, fiber art, wood art, photographs, paintings/sketches, etc etc etc. And occasionally a nice dog 🙂  Additionally, there are tons of other great places in Downtown Sylva and HERE is the list.

Then there is the Dillsboro Chocolate Factorydcs. They are so good at what they do! And what they do is make some awesome chocolate stuffs! Fudge is the best–far and away!

There’s also lots of locally owned businesses to shop in that town as well, so rather than trying to cover them all, just go HERE.


And, although it is not necessarily “local”, I cannot forget ETSY, which is a wonderful way for hand crafters to sell their items. If you’ve never be there, GO NOW!


This is really only a start–just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. It is my hope that on Small Business Saturday we all take the time to spend money we might have used at a big chain store in a small, owner-operated, locally owned business.


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