Sewing/Work Room

I saw this sewing room, the recently renovated work room of Connie Amaden-Crawford, and I really want it!  Well, most of all I want those fold out tables!


For real, everyday use, it is a bit too organized for me. And I actually mean that–not in a self-deprecating way but in a practical and style based way. Super neat areas are not particularly creative spaces for me. It is not JUST because I am messy. I am messy because that’s the kind of space in which I can be more creative. Too much ‘neat and organized’ puts up too many boundaries for me, where as just a little bit of messiness knocks down enough boundaries to free me up a bit.

Here’s what my workspace looks like:

craft room






Obviously, this is not where I sew!  That would be in two places. First, in the right hand part of this room which is not in the picture, there is a cabinet style Singer sewing machine that belonged to my mother. Secondly, my dining room table. I believe there is a great tradition of sewing on the dining room table and I am one in a long line of people who have used dining room and kitchen tables as workspaces for cutting, piecing and sewing projects. The machine I use there is a portable Brother LX-3125.


But oh how I would love to have those fold out tables Connie has in her workroom!  Wow, how nice that would be! Sometimes, if I have something really big to cut out, I’ll take it to the church and use the big church tables in the fellowship hall. Mostly, it is impractical to keep tables that large in my home, as I guess it is for everyone, but this great design of tables that fold into cabinets….cabinets that are already chock full of storage space….is quite clever!


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