Book Club Central at City Lights

city lightsSunday afternoon I went to a book club information-type-kinda meeting at City Lights. It was organized by CL to provide a chance for people in book clubs and people who want to be in book clubs to get together and talk about book clubs and for the staff to make suggestions about books for the book clubs. Actually, it was really cool.

They’ve added a new section to their website that lists some local groups and suggested readings. Book Club Central. It also lists a few other things, too, including a link for me! How amazing is that?!

So, check it out. And any time you see a book on this blog that you are interested in learning more about or purchasing, click on it and it takes you to the City Lights website where you can order it. They ship anywhere those “other” places do (Amaz** and B*N) AND you know you’re supporting an owner-operator business that is staffed by people who actually read and care about books, not simply a big corporation.



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