StairwayLutheridge is quite a beautiful place. Unlike a lot of Lutherans, I did not grow up going to Lutheridge for camp. This is not only because I never liked camp but because I wasn’t Lutheran. As a kid I was Presbyterian. I used to say Presbyterians don’t camp….but I have no idea if that is true. I did know that THIS Presbyterian didn’t go to camp.


At any rate, I was at Lutheridge for a large part of last week for a conference on health and wholeness for pastors. I was, as I always seem to be, amazed at all the little places of beauty around there.


Places that sneak up on you. One minute you’re just sitting there waiting on the next activity, waiting on the last person in your group to show up and then it hits you. You’re looking at something beautiful.


One of the places I went to see while I was there was the outdoor chapel.  I’ve been there for a wedding and for worship at fall convocation one year. I always think it is such a long walk to the chapel, but it’s not really

chapelMost of the pictures I took of the inside did not come out very well. It is dark in there, even though it is open to the outside on both of the long sides. It was really neat to be there when no one else was around. vases in the window

One of the other pretty places I discovered was an outdoor area with a fire pit and cross. Didn’t even know it existed, though I’ve probably walked by it several times.

crossfirepit cross

It is amazing what you see when you just stop what you’re doing and look around.



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