bird box

Since the first box or so I made with the swallow on the outside I’ve wanted to make another prayer box with something similar.  Finally gotten around to it. This one has a silver swallow on the lid. Archival paper and acrylic paints. Pretty grosgrain ribbon, too, for a handle. Inside is a silver cross with “turquoise” inserts. It’s neither real silver nor real stones but they are pretty none the less. The paper wrap around the outside is of a substantial weight, so I extended it beyond the bottom of this little oval shaped box to give it more height. On the bottom of the box is an archival sticker saying “believe”. Inside the words are Faith Hope Love Joy. Continuing with the overall Hope theme I’ve been working on.

This box and the Witness box have not yet been released. They still have to be tagged first and I’m not sure of a good place to put them as of yet either.lidswallow box




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