Another bug mystery

Recently I posted a picture of a bug I came across just outside my front door and, as luck would have it, someone was kind enough to help me find out what kind of bug it was! And I am quite grateful for that! (by the way, she has a lovely blog and you should check it out sometime: Sharon Sperry Bloom )

Anyhow, I’ve come across another bug I need help identifying, so I wonder if there is anyone out there who has ever seen it before. It’s bright white and very odd looking. Anyone out there got any ideas?

White BugWhite Bug 2


5 thoughts on “Another bug mystery

  1. Wow – that is cool. Thanks for the mention. I was wondering why I got so many hits while I was gone. ;D
    Now, for the critter. It may be a type of crab spider. They have crab-like legs, good for scooting around in odd directions to catch their prey. They don’t spin webs, just kind of hang out quietly and wait for things to come by. I had one living on my basil plant for a couple of weeks – he was a good little organic pest remover.

    • Hmmmmmm….that could be it! I’ve found a great website that’s something like What’s That Bug? and you can submit pictures to them and the can tell you. Should be interesting to see what they say.
      Been enjoying your blog–just lovely pictures 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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