New Prayer Box

Haven’t had a lot of time to work on any prayer boxes or other things to leave randomly around town as of late because I’ve been diligently spending all of my “craft time” working on things for the craft sale portion of the church yard sale coming up at the end of the month. However, this one is ready to go out–nearly.   


witness box 

It’s made from a band-aid tin. Covered in archival scrapbook paper, silver acrylic paint and glued on crosses.   


 I removed the hinges from the lid of the binsideox and used cotton twine and wooden beads to hold the lid on. It’s actually pretty cool looking in person. Inside is heavy weight archival scrapbook paper accordion folded and cut to fit with inspirational words written on it. 

At the moment I’ve only got a single piece of scripture written on one of the folds but I’ll be adding to it tomorrow and plan to add not just scripture but also other inspirational words from inspirational people as well. There will also be a second sheet of the accordion folded paper left blank for whoever finds the box to add their own inspirational words. 



 It is a “Witness” box because it will have words that bear witness to hope and joy in the world. 



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