Yesterday I happened to glance up as I was on my way out the door and there above my head was a little bug with the strangest markings on him.  He looked like a tiny ear of what my mother used to call Indian Corn.


 But he’s shaped like a lightning bug and about the same size. So, I’m really wondering what kind of bug he is. I managed to take this picture of him which is only a so-so picture. However, I’m hoping that someone somewhere will know what kind of creature he is.

Although I do not live out in the wilderness and, compared to some people I know in the area, I do not live very far off the path of civilization, there are quite a number of critters that I see from time to time. The neatest one was the giant bunny in my yard who was every bit as big as my cats. Biggest eyes I’ve ever seen on a rabbit before, too. She sat in the middle of my yard one afternoon when I came home from work, ears up, perfectly still, like a monstrous fur covered chocolate easter bunny. I got out of the car. She didn’t move. I closed the car door. She didn’t move. I watched her as I moved down the drive way. She didn’t move. I turned my head to look in the mailbox for LESS than a second and when I looked back……..she was gone. As though she had never been there. Like magic.

Amongst all the interesting animals and such I have the most amazing assortment of bugs that show up on my doorstep. Those great Grandaddy Longlegs (or Harvestmen, as I’ve learned they are actually called), bizarrely shaped moths that would be utterly indistinguishable from bark if they were on a tree, the elegant white moths with white fur-like collars, and the giant green something or others that are over two inches long. Not praying mantis and not grasshoppers either. They fly, though, that’s for sure! All of them, strange and fascinating, peering at me with their big round eyes and, most often, sitting as still as that rabbit hoping I won’t notice they are there.


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