Summer Reading Fun

booksSummer reading fun. I’ve got lots of stuff in the pile and all of it good though not all of it new.

Top of the pile is

Boneshaker Started it today. It is, as the guy in the bookstore said, a fun zombie steampunk kinda thing. Excellent. It’s been on my ‘to read’ list for a long time.

Next is Johannes Cabal, The Necromancer by Jonathan Howard. I saw something about it somewhere, though now I can’t remember where, and it looked just so very interesting in a kinda weird sort of way. Plus, like Boneshaker, it’s got a bit of the steampunk flare to it–at least it’s set in that time anyway. Maybe it’s just the top hat.

Then there’s Sacra Pagia: Colossians and Ephesians. This is the one bit of work stuff in this pile, though there are loads and tons of work related summer reading here. This is one of a series of Sacra Pagia commentaries and I’ve been slowly adding to the set one at a time. We’re in a stretch of Colossians in the lectionary, so it is timely reading.

Below that is Steampunkery. I love this book! obviously, the Steampunk theme continues, but this is crafting not literature. It’s a book on polymer clay–a new obsession as of late–and it has some really cool stuff in it. Seriously need to consider purchasing a lot of little watch parts for some of these. It’s a pretty book and seems, at first glance through, to be quite helpful in actual technique.

Beneath that is another recent craftsy artsy book, Printmaking + Mixed Media. I was very excited about this book, but I must confess that my first forays into actual print making…well….one could only say that they suck. Not giving up yet, though.

And at the bottom is a book on loan to me from a fellow History geek–one of the campus ministry students. It’s Defenders of the Faith by James Reston, Jr., and it is about the Ottoman Empire.  However, I do not think it has anything to do with furniture 😉 Seriously, this historian has a fabulous reputation for good and interesting writing and I’m looking forward to reading this.

I think this will take me through all of summer, especially since I have two more books to be added to the stack that are coming for reviews.


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