Summertime and Spiders

This morning I realized that the colony of daddy long leg spiders who make their home outside my front door was in full force. They scampered out of my way as I opened the screen door and a couple of them took lanky long strides down the steps with me, like strange sentries or bodyguards guiding me to my car. I could almost imagine them giving me the report from the activities of the previous night.  ‘All clear, ma’am! Just the neighbor’s black and white cat trying to catch that rabbit again! We’ll keep it all secure while you’re away! Good day!’ In my mind I can see them attacking anyone who would try to break into the house. Who else has guard-spiders? Security of the future! Or of the past, perhaps. I am so lucky! I’ll try to take some pictures, if they’ll let me.

They are beautiful and bizarre creatures and, in reality, they seem to be some kind of odd herald of summer. It is hot and unseasonably so for this area and summer has charged in, eager to start the party!

Last Saturday, much to my joy, I was finally able to go to the Farmer’s market. The veggies are ok, not fantastic yet, but lots of other really neat things to see. Bought this lovely pottery bowl there for an unbelievable price of $ bowl

 Also met a woman who has llamas and sheep and sells yarn made from them. This is delightful! I want very much to buy some and make something with local yarn, so I shall take enough funds to purchase some this Saturday. The woman and I also chatted about knitting lace and she was looking for a pattern, so I am going to share one of my shawl patterns with her. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll give me a discount! But, even so, I’ll buy a couple of skeins anyway 🙂


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