I love my blueberry star pie! This was for yesterday–Memorial Day–but I started putting the stars on berry pies because of the kitchen in my old house that was cobolt blue and golden yellow with stars, suns and moons. Then, I kept doing it because I had a friend who really liked stars and now, it just doesn’t seem right to have a berry pie without stars on it!

Blueberry PieWhile this wasn’t the tastiest of the blueberry pies I’ve made, it was pretty. Something I need to try to locate is blueberry liquer because that might be an interesting thing to try.

The blueberries were frozen–a gift from a visitor–and weren’t as flavorful as I’ve used before. I didn’t taste them before I froze them because if I had, I might have just used them right then to utilize what flavor they did have. By this time, it was really too late. Oh well!

Next time I make the pie, which I’m sure will be sometime when I get more blueberries, I’ll post the recipe. Hoping there will be some at the farmer’s market this year when the season is right.

I’m sad to say that I STILL haven’t been to the farmer’s market yet and won’t get to again this weekend. 😦 Oh well, thankfully Summer hasn’t officially started yet!


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