Lunch at Speedy’s Pizza

So I’m having lunch at Speedy’s Pizza today. A little bit late of a lunch, but I really wanted to finish up stuff in the office first since I’m done for the day after this. However, I’ve worked during lunch–mostly setting up stuff on this new little Delly. I think that’s what these mini computers should be called…whatever the brand is with a Y on the end since when we say something with a y or an ie on the end, it has a diminutive and endearing quality to it. My little Delly.

The pizza here is really good. I did my own combo and I don’t usually do that but once, a long time ago, I had the best pizza of my life in a tiny little dive in Columbia, SC (Pizza Man) and I’ve been trying to duplicate that experience ever since. This came pretty darn close! Bacon–good ole American bacon not Canadian, mushroom and blue cheese. Thin crust, though I usually prefer big, thick bready crust. I did have to substitute goat cheese for the blue cheese but I have to say it is pretty close to as awesome as I had at Pizza Man. The crust was good as well. They don’t offer anything but regular and a French Bread kinda crust. So, although I’ve been to Speedy’s before and thought it was ok, I have to heartily recommend it to everyone.

There’s no Wi-Fi but, hey, do you ALWAYS have to access the internet every waking moment? Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to just eat a meal…..well, and work on non-internet stuff. I guess I could tolerate being away from Facebook for just a little while. They also serve some pretty good beers, including the local Heinschenmeishewichenclutchen stuff. Ok, I’ll admit that’s not it but I can’t spell it. I’ll look it up later. It’s pretty good stuff, though today I had a Highland Gaelic Ale instead.

From the outside it doesn’t look like much but it’s worth the stop. It’s across from the Sylva Volunteer Fire Department and next to Family Dollar. Ah, small town at it’s best! Too bad I haven’t been here long enough to say that it’s next to so-and-so’s house that burned down six years ago or the place where somebody or another’s store once was. Soon enough, I guess J


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