Shopping at City Lights

Amongst today’s tasks was going to City Lights Bookstore to spend a gift card. I had a great time and bought several things. One of which was this pair of awesome reading glasses:

 tattoo glasses

They are pretty snazzy if you ask me! The girl at the store said that they were the first pair she’d sold.  They’re Tattoo Reading Glasses. Also got origami paper with celtic art prints on them, and official street map of the town and couple other things. I managed to resist purchasing yet another journal, which is admittedly quite difficult in that store since they have so many cool ones.

Then, before returning to the salt mines, I got a delicious chocolate croissant from Annie’s Bakery and munched on it while I did laundry at the laundry mat. I’ll admit that it would be far more convenient to have a working washer and dryer at home, but the truth is that I get to see so many different kinds of people when I go to the laundry mat that, ultimately, I don’t mind having to go. Sometimes, I imagine whole back stories for the people I meet. Unfortunately, some of those back stories sound like something from L&O:SVU, but still, it’s a fun game. And this is, far and away, the cleanest laundry mat I’ve ever seen in my life!

There certainly are days I miss Barnes & Noble and being able to go hang out there, anonymous and invisible, drinking not so great coffee for which I paid too much money and have gigantic pseudo pastry goodies that have as much flavor as the plastic fork with which I eat the pricey thing because no one really knows where or how or how long ago it was actually made but it sure looks pretty. There are times I really miss obscenely large magazine racks that fill the entire back wall of the store. Or even the large and decadent bakery/deli section of the huge Taj-ma-Teeters. But, in the end, I’d trade it all….every last one of the enormous square feet of retail chain store shinyness….for store clerks that make eye contact with you, say thank you and mean it, restaurants and a bakery where the owner is in the same building where you eat and the coffee is actually good and not Starbucks. There may not be every magazine or book imaginable, but there was a sales girl who cared that I was there and was excited that someone bought the glasses she’d ordered.

Good day. Good life.

Good home.


Good night.


2 thoughts on “Shopping at City Lights

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