New Little Computer and Taking the Long Way

Today I got a brand new mini computer. It’s one of those half-size laptops and it is really cute. I’m super happy with it so far. My hope is that I will be able to carry it with me to more places more easily and, by so doing, be able to write more frequently. That would be more frequently on this and my other blogs and for all the many other things I need to write for and about.

So, yesterday I went to a meeting in Brevard and ended up taking the ‘long way’. Of course, the long way is actually the short way by the miles but long way by the clock. Hour and a half. Which is, incidentally, the same length of time it takes to drive the ‘short way’ but it is about ten miles shorter in actual distance.  The great thing about this way was that it went through the National Forest. So very beautiful. And I saw, briefly, Looking Glass Falls. I’ve probably spent more time at that waterfall than any other, which is not surprising since it is one of the most accessible in the area. Somewhere, I have not only some pretty great pictures I took of it–and they are real print pictures, too, with real negatives and not digital images–I’ve also got copies of a picture of Mama at the falls when she was young. I thought I’d be able to locate at least one of the old pictures to put with this post, but I can’t come up with one. 😦  So, instead, I must direct the curious to this site:

NC Waterfalls: Looking Glass Falls

I really hope that this summer, I’ll have time to make a few trips out to photograph some of the nearby falls. Since it’s been raining a good deal for …well…since I arrived here last year, the falls should all look really nice.

Hoping to hit the farmer’s market on Saturday before the funeral I have to preach. Maybe something nice to take to mom. Vacation has been shifted–not postponed so much as just shifted out a bit. And just going to see mama now, but that’s probably for the best.


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