Half Day Off

Today was a half day off and I spent part of it in Dillsboro.  I can tell that spring is officially here, not because of flowers or pollen or warmer weather. I can tell because everywhere I go, people ask me something about my ‘visiting the area’. Tourist season is upon us. Before long, we will be beset by the one and only traffic woe we have in this area: the slow and confused vacationer. A friend of mine once said she wanted a bumper sticker that said “please get out of my way, I am not on vacation”. So I shopped for a bit in Dillsboro, determined that a half day off would not turn into a full day that just got started late. Got fudge from the chocolate shop to take home to mom in a few days and was sad to see that the fabric store is yet another small shop fallen prey to hard financial times. Apparently it closed last week. 

 Dillsboro Chocolate Shop Spring creeps up the mountain side and each day on my way home from work I can see more and more of the grey-brown coats of the mountains turning into their lovely spring dresses. Watching the seasons change is like seeing the tide marks on the sand as the ocean slinks in and out. Lovely flowers out in front of our church and also Jarrett Memorial Baptist Church. 

 flowersJarrett Memorial Baptist Church 

 But, perhaps most lovely of all are these Lenten Roses.  I think that’s what they are, though I could certainly be corrected if they are not. I just learned that they previously belonged to the mother of a parishioner and were replanted here upon the lady’s death. Quite nice, I think. 

 Lenten Rose


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