Countdown to vacation!

A lovely spring day and it is countdown to vacation time! It’s Mother’s Day as well. Or, is that suppose to be Mothers’ Day? I’m never sure. Since it is a day for more than one mother, I’m assuming it’s the latter.

I’ll soon be heading  to visit my Mom for a couple of days and then it’s off to see a friend from seminary in Richmond. We are, if all goes as planned, intending to worship at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC next Sunday.  It is such a beautiful place and, though I’ve been there before, I’ve never worshiped there.

Now, along with the countdown to vacation comes cleanup time. Need to get the house in some semblance of order both so that whoever comes in to feed the cats will not be overwhelmed with the disarray of things and so that when I come home it will be nice to come back to.

Unfortunately, I will, once again, miss the local Farmers’ Market this weekend (there we are again–is it Farmer’s or Farmers’ ? More than one farmer so….)  It is really not a large market, of course, but it is pretty neat to attend and since it is still early yet, there will be time to go when I get back.


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