First Random Act of Grace

Well, technically, it’s the first RAG that I’ve given away, though not the first I’ve made.  So, on this first post, it seems reasonable to put the first one I’ve actually let go of!

It is an altered Altoid tin–actually a faux Altoid tin because they all have the embossing on the lids now and I wanted a flat top. My original plan was to do the copper plating and saltwater etching that I found here:  However, things have not gone as planned and, so, I opted for a different technique. I used copper leaf in liquid form, which is standard copper leaf (just like gold leaf) ground and disolved in xylene. Actually, it’s a suspension and not disolved, but whose really keeping track? 😉  After the copper leafing was dry and set, I added the dark shading by ‘smoking’ it in a candle flame.

The bird on the outside cover is a swallow and has tons of symbolic meaning, particularly for sailors. Google it if you’re curious. It’s held on by Gurilla Glue which proved to be a bit messy at first but ended up being super strong and not difficult to tidy up. Inside lid is pen on archival scrapbooking paper which was first enhanced with colored pencil. Little guardian angel, appropriate to the name meaning, is affixed with hot glue. The inside bottom is polymer clay in various shades of blue and white and is intended, though perhaps not so successfully, to look like water. The charms engraved with words and the cross were imbedded in the polymer before baking and were also highlighted with the copper leaf.  The bottom of the box was very beautifully smoked and I sealed it with plain old fingernail polish. The ‘smoking’ can sometimes rub off and I wanted it to be both safe to sit anywhere and protected from further smudging.

This is a prayer box–meant to hold prayers for the recipient of the box and to also house the hopes and prayers of the new owner. Mailed it off today to its new home!

Inside Swallow BoxSwallow BoxBack of Swallow Box


3 thoughts on “First Random Act of Grace

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