Forest Fire Shawl

Fan Shawl (see previous post) made with zitron trekking hand art hand died sock yarn.
I wore this to the Stitches South knitting expo and got tons of compliments on it. Along with my swan shawl I made a few years ago, this has to be one of my favorite pieces. It looks like a forest surrounded by fire.




3 thoughts on “Forest Fire Shawl

  1. Hi, I know your entry is from 2009 but I only found your masterpiece today after searching for the yarn you used. The forest fire shawl is so gorgeous, I was stunned! I immediately searched for the pattern online but couldn’t find it – do you remember where you got it from or did you create it yourself? Any hint would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you and happy knitting,

    • Hi Sabine! Sorry it’s taken a bit for me to reply 🙂
      Thanks for coming by and for your question. The yarn is Zitron Trekking and the pattern is from Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman. The pattern is the Fan Stitch Half Circle shawl. The book is still in print and is available digitally as well as hard copy (paper back, that is). I highly recommend it! I’ve used my copy so much its binding is shot! It teaches you not only how to knit lace but also how to design shawls. I hope this is helpful for you and if I can help, please let me know 😀

  2. Rosemary,

    thanks a lot for your answer and the name of the pattern/book. I searched around and found other versions of the Fan Stitch Half Circle Shawl on Ravelry, but they are no comparison to yours! The yarn you used and the sheer size of your shawl is absolutely amazing.

    On amazon, some people are complaining that the 8 patterns in this book are not charted. Another person however, was disappointed that all patterns were displayed in chart form, which kind of confused me… Please, Rosemary, could you just tell me if the patterns are charts (like little squares with symbols) or in written form (like k2, ssk, yo, k2Tog…)

    Again, thanks a lot for your help and best wishes from Munich, Germany,

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