City Girls

When my friend came to visit this week, she was frequently amazed at the world around her. Mostly, that was due to the fact that she is, through and through, a city girl. Now, I will admit that I am not a chop-wood-carry-water kind of country girl, but I still know a little bit about the natural world. I’m more like the Victorian lady who is fascinated with the out doors and loves to walk in the woods, collecting acorns and unusually shaped leaves, admiring the view, the trees and the wild life while never actually wanting to perspire.

At any rate, one of the light bulb moments for her was when we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were talking about the different kinds of trees and I said that the kind of trees change with the elevation. But, she protested, these kinds of higher elevation trees grow other places, too. Yes, I said, but they were planted in those locations.

She stopped a moment, a bit puzzled. So, who planted those? she asked, pointing to the huge deep green trees on the high mountains. God, I said with a bit of a giggle. I did not realize at first that she thought of parks and parkways as having trees and plants specifically placed there by gardeners and landscapers. It was not that she consciously thought that the Blue Ridge Parkway had been landscaped by a group of people, it was just that she had never thought of it NOT being.

We had several other great experiences that day, including seeing a rainbow across an entire valley and watching a thick cloud roll over us as it passed by, getting tangled up in the mountain. Beautiful day.

rainbow on the parkway

rainbow on the parkway


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